A Wind Scroll is a rare type of summoning scroll that functions similarly to Mystical Scrolls, except that only wind monsters can be pulled. Like Mystical Scrolls, wind monsters between 3-star and 5-star grade can be summoned, including awakened 3-star and 4-star monsters. Similarly, Angelmon, Rainbowmon, Devilmon cannot be summoned. The summoning costs 10,000 mana stones in addition to consuming the scroll.

Currently there are 142 different monsters that can be summoned from a Wind Scroll.

Where to AcquireEdit

  • Glory Shop - 300 Glory Point (One scroll per week)
  • Guild Shop - 250 Guild Point (One scroll per week)
  • World Arena Shop - 100 Medal (One scroll per week)
  • World Boss - Random drop from every grade Treasure Chest
  • Siege Battles - Random Chance depending on the grade of the trophy box.
  • Daily Check In Reward - Given on day 18. (One of each Elemental Scroll per Month)

Summoning oddsEdit

The following is data collected from SWARFARM[1]. You can help contribute to the collection of data!

Updated January 22, 2018
Grade Percentage
Gold StarGold StarGold Star 92.2%
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star 7.6%
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star 0.2%
Updated January 22, 2018
Awakened Percentage
Yes 2.0%
No 98.0%



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