This page lists the tasks that requires work on the wiki. If there are any changes needed, feel free to edit the page directly, or discuss whether they should be changed in the Comments section below.

Please keep the list as updated as possible.

Ongoing projects Edit

Main article: Summoners_War_Sky_Arena_Wiki:Projects
  • None

To-do list Edit

  • Update rune builds for all 4-star and 5-star monsters
  • Add links to common topics to articles
  • Add general gameplay page
  • Add drop rates for scenario and other areas if necessary
  • Add trash mob stats to PVE pages
  • Fix project system
  • Fix build system (move away from forums)
  • Get team pages going
  • Add event buildings to Buildings page. - Done! (Missing categories)
  • Create building pages for Craft Building - Done! (Missing categories)
  • Update Rival page with missing levels.
  • Add a Guild page with level xp table, skills (+icons) table, and the guild achievements/rewards
  • Add 2nd awakenning of monsters

Ongoing tasksEdit

  • Update the Exclusive Summon list when it changes, once a week
  • Update rune builds for 3-star monsters and below
  • Add monsters' pictures and their transmog pictures to their galleries
  • Create Disambiguation pages for monsters (e.g. Valkyrja)
  • Add skill effect categories to newer monsters for Monster Filter tool
  • Update Shop with Limited Time Offers as they come and go...

To-do Discussions Edit

  • None
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