• The following are guidelines regarding how new rune builds should submitted and approved. Submissions which do not follow these guidelines may be deleted. Submission pages should at minimum include the mandatory sections below, although editors are free to add other sections which help clarify the usability, and justify the viability of the build.

    Build submission

    See here for an example submission page.

    New builds should be submitted in the forums with the a title in the following format:

    [Build Submission] Monster Name : Name of build

    The title should be descriptive, and mention what monster the build pertains to, what kind of role the build helps with (e.g. healer, attacker, etc), and possible areas to use the build in (e.g. Scenario, Trial of Ascension, Arena, etc).

    The post should begin with an overview template which outlines the main rune sets and important stats for the build. To insert the template, simply copy and paste the text below and replace the contents in [brackets] with the appropriate entries. Optional fields may be deleted if not used.

    {{Rune build submission
    |Build 1 name = [Write your build name here]
    |Build 1 tooltip = [Optional: Short description of your build]
    |Four-Set 1a = [Optional: four set rune]
    |Four-Set 1b = [Optional: four set rune]
    |Two-Set 1a = [Two set rune]
    |Two-Set 1b = [Optional: two set rune]
    |Two-Set 1c = [Optional: two set rune]
    |Two-Set 1d = [Optional: two set rune]
    |Build 1 stats = [1-5 stats listed from left to right according to most to less importance]
    |Useful for 1 = [All game, Beginner, Mid-End game, End game]

    After the template has been added, continue with the justification for your build. See here for formatting help (header, sub-headers, bullet points, etc...).

    It is advised that users create a separate forum post for each new build.


    See here for an example.

    The justification should show the synergy of the build with the monster's role or skills, and how it will be useful in a specific area(s) of the game. This section should include four sub-sections which should explain how the monster benefits from the build:

    • "4-set"
    • "2-set"
    • "Stats": Detailed justification of each stat is not required as long as the general explanation is sufficient.
    • "Useful for": This section should consider the difficulty of obtaining the runes.

    Suggested sections

    Users may add whatever sections they feel is necessary or useful for showcasing their build. Such section could include:

    • Possible counters to the build
    • Specific directions for usage
    • Videos illustrating the build in action
    • General notes


    Though not mandatory, users may want to add a topic to their rune build page to encourage visibility. This can be accomplished by going to the bottom of the forum post, pressing the "Edit Topics" button, and entering in the name of a monster for example.


    An example of the voting procedure can be found in the example submission page.

    Once a build has been posted, a voting/feedback stage is required before the build may be allowed into the wiki's monster database. During this phase, users from the general community may post their feedback, which can include constructive feedback. Build authors may make slight variations or tweaks to their build post during the feedback process.

    Users can also choose to submit an official vote for the build. Voters should copy and paste the following template in the box below to enter their vote.

    {{Vote|["Yes" or "No"]}}

    Voters are expected to give at least a short justification or feedback with their vote if they have not made any previous comments. This will help moderators and the community evaluate the merits of the build. If feedback does not add to the discussion or is not sufficiently explained (e.g. This build sucks), then the vote will not count, and the post may be deleted.

    In order to participate in the voting process, users must have registered Wikia account. This is to prevent vote spamming, since IP tracking is often unreliable in distinguishing between users. Vote by unregistered users will not count. However, non-registered users are still welcomed to give feedback and comments.

    Any feedback or comments submitted should respect our User Conduct policy. That means being respectful when disagreeing, and not resorting to personal attacks. Violations of our policy may result in temporary to permanent bans.


    Once a reasonable amount of time has passed, which can range anywhere from a few days to several weeks, the build thread will be closed. The amount of time that is given will be at the discretion of moderators usually depending on the amount of feedback or votes received. Moderators will then tally up the votes, and determine whether the build should be entered into the database.

    Generally, anything more than 70% of the votes being positive will be an automatic approval, although moderators will have the final say, depending on circumstances around the vote (e.g. evidence of cheating, joke builds, etc). Occasionally, moderators may choose to speed approve certain builds if they are already commonly used.

    Once the build is formally accepted, the build will be posted directly on the relevant monster's page with a link to the original post. If a general build similar to to the submitted build already exists on the monster's page, it will be replaced with the unique submitted build.

    Post-approval changes

    Once a build has been formally approved by moderators, wiki users will still have the opportunity to leave feedback and suggest changes, particularly if game balance changes are made which significantly affect the viability of a build. Any changes made, including removal of a build, will be subject to community feedback, and will be made at the discretion of moderators.


    When builds are formally entered into monster pages, the following terminology should be used in the build tables.

    Useful for (Stage of Game)
    Term used Guideline
    All game Reasonably obtainable runes that work throughout all stages of the game.
    Beginner Easily obtainable runes mostly used for set effects regardless of rune grade. Early to Mid game builds are under the Beginner category. Beginner builds are stepping stone builds that falls off later in the game.
    Mid-End game 4*-6* runes from shop or Cairos dungeon that are not ridiculous to obtain, with builds that may still be useful for late game content. 
    End Game 5*-6* runes with amazing substats aimed at optimizing monsters for end game arena or dungeon auto speed teams. Builds are unsuitable for earlier stages of the game normally due to difficulty of obtaining the runes or high stat requirement.
    Term used Full name
    Hp Health Points
    Atk Attack
    Def Defense
    Spd Speed
    CR Critical Rate
    CD Critical Damage
    Res Resistance
    Acc Accuracy
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    • You guys need to add another bracket to the rune template. Slot 2/4/6 stats then suggested rune substats. They're completely different things. Some builds want HP 2/4/6 with as much defense subs as possible. Som want Speed out the ass while focusing on Atk 2/4/6. etc etc. The current template doesn't differentiate and will cause confusion for newbies.

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    • We only have one column for suggested stats (main and sub). Players are expected to be able to pick which ones they prefer for slots 2/4/6. Even if they are newbies, It's expected for them to have some basic game understanding.

      Inputting slot 2/4/6 into the template will also cause clutter especially for rune builds that can have multiple alternative stats in the slots.

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