• Exciting opportunity for C1 players and above for a fast growing G1 guild**

    Guild Name: Trueblut

    Guild Summary

    Trueblut is a well-established G1 guild who is looking to reach new horizons under their new leadership. We have seen older players left with the ex-guild leader and new ones are coming in to replace them. As such, while the size of the guild is smaller (25 members - 20 active), Trueblut is on the verge of getting into G2 for the first time for both siege and wars. We are looking for three C1 players to get us there.

    Guild Culture in 3 words: Hardworking, Harmonious and Helpful

    Contact/Leader: Me (Reddit Representative)/ Shaofiee (Guild Leader)

    Rank: G1 (3 more active players players to G2)

    Type: Non-Farming

    Guild Level: Max Level

    Requirements: We do not have very high requirements. Someone who can cope with G1 battles. We will consider F3 players as well if we deem that they have a versatile well-runed box.

    GW : We do not farm as we like the challenge of climbing up the ladder. If you are in-sync with this ideology, I think you found a home. We often see ourselves in G2 during mid-days to Saturday but the last war so far has not help us maintain that status.

    SB We are regularly ranked 200 - 300. Quality is in our favor but not quanitity

    R5 We raid regularly as a guild and do not have issues clearing R5. It seems like we get more legend grinds with public thought thus far.

    LAB : We are ranked SS frequently, S on other day

      • If the thought of joining a G1 guild transiting into G2 excites you, please join our telegram chat by searching: Trueblut or directly apply to Trueblut.
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