There shouldn't be an apostrophe in this page's name, or anywhere the game's name is listed. JoshieTV (talk) 01:56, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

To be fair, I'm pretty sure some places had an apostrophe in the name. That being said, it does seem like all the official sources have settled on having no apostrophe. --Beboper (talk) 08:04, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

There's a dedicated Summoners War forum you should add to your "Misc" list:

-Please add encouragement to utilize chat among editors/players on the home page. An involved chat on the wiki will accelerate development and catch the interest of non-editors to become editors as well. Thanks.

- David.massey.56829 @ 20:39, 12/25/2014 P.S. Merry Christmas!!!!

Annoying Moments SW players go through... Edit

1)When you're farming a dungeon and talking in chat at the same time, then the boss animation starts(when he dies) and it deletes your message as your still typing it.

2)when you're missing THAT ONE frickin fusion piece you need.

3)when you save up stones in hopes for whatever you're looking for then get all 3*.

4)when you get unknown scrolls from b10 runs(stupid right?-_-)

5) when everyone spams on light day in chat and you cant keep up with your friend's talking and the spammers.

6) When your on chat and there are ads for "Free Crystals at End"

7) When you are in an Arena/Guild Battle and your kicked out.  It counts as a loss.  : (

8) when you get a 3 star from a unknown scroll that could have been a Nat 5