This page intends to provide players with some of the most commonly asked questions in the game. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please feel free to ask your question in the comments section below or post it in the forums.

General[edit | edit source]

Q: How do I get Crystals?

A: Besides in-app purchases, Crystals may be obtained through a variety of ways. They can be found from monster drops in all areas of the game, including PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. environment) areas of the game. Defeating Rivals in Arena will also award players with small amounts. Additionally, they are also awarded by completing Daily Missions, weekly rewards from the Arena, and when you finish the campaign you can get crystals from the World Boss. It is also possible to get crystals from the Temple of Wishes.

Q: What are guilds for?

A: Group discussion with other guild members and Guild Wars. You can earn Guild Points through them which you can spend in the guild shop to buy cool things like 4 star max. rainbowmons, mystic scrolls, mystic scrolls of a certain element (except light or dark) or summoning pieces.

Q: How do I change my in-game language?

A: The game's language settings are the same as your device. Simply change the language on your device, and the game's language settings should update to reflect the change.

Q: What is a HIVE account, and what are the benefits of setting one up?

A: A HIVE account is a personalized account which lets you save game data related to Com2uS' games directly on their servers. This ensures that you never lose your data, even if you wipe your device. This also lets you play on your account on different devices, although not at the same time.

Q: How do I set up a HIVE account?

A: This can be done several ways. You can either register using a personalized email and password, or you can link your Facebook or Google account directly to HIVE. This can all be accomplished by pressing your profile pic in the top left corner of the game, pressing "Transfer account", and selecting one of the options.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to play Summoners War?

A: Yes. This can be done through a 3G/4G/LTE network, or through WiFi.

Q: What are friends for?

A: Befriending another player allows you to use their leader monster in battle in both Dungeons and Scenario areas, although not in Arena. You can also gift social points to each friend, which will reward you with social points also. On top of this if you find a Secret Dungeon your friends can gain access to it, and vice versa.

Q: How often can I use a friend's monsters?

A: Each friend's monsters can be used once a day. You can use monsters from other friends, but you can't use the same monster from a friend more than once a day.

Q: How do I fight a friend?

If you and your friend are both online and over level 35, you can enter the World Arena and challenge them in a Goodwill Battle.

Q: I've encountered a bug and/or technical issue? What should I do?

A: Please contact Com2uS directly for any technical issues. This can be done on their official forums over here.

Q: I've heard that hacks can be used in the game. What are they, and how do I use them?

A: Hacks are a violation of Com2uS' Terms of Use, and using them will get you banned. As well, anyone giving out links to hacks is a liar, and is only trying to scam you, so don't visit any of those sites. Besides, if anyone did find hacks, you think they would tell you?

Q: Why won't the "use repeat battle through the gateway" notification go away?


Monsters[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Q: I've got monster X. Is it any good?

A: Any monster can be useful in certain circumstances, so there aren't really any monsters you can say are "no good". That being said, certain monsters are considered more highly by the community because they fulfill multiple roles and/or excel at certain areas. See our Community Resources page for more information on these monsters. If you can afford the time, try and experiment with each monster, and see where it might be useful.

Q: What are the best runes for monster X?

A: There is no best rune setup for any monster.  Rune build is one of the main strategic elements in the game. It all depends on player strategy and monster role in a team, as well as circumstances. For Rune suggestions, please use individual monster pages. The list of all monsters can be found here.

Q: Where can I get monster X?

A: Please refer to this page for a complete list of ways to get monsters. In general, you can get a 4/5-Star monster by using a Mystical Scroll or Mystical Summon, although the odds are extremely small. 

Q: Where can I get light or dark monsters?

A: There are several ways. The first way is through a Scroll of Light & Darkness, which can be found in Faimon Volcano after completing it on normal for the first time, from beating the tenth stage in Dragon's Lair and Giant's Keep (very difficult), and through in-app purchases when certain specials appear. The second way is through Secret Dungeons that appear when the Hall of Light and Hall of Dark on active. The third way is through the Temple of Wishes.

Q: What are the best elements?

A: All of the elements have great monsters in them, so there isn't any clear favorite. Of course, in battle, all of the elements have an advantage over another, and a weakness against another. Fire is weak against Water, Water is weak against Wind, and Wind is weak against Fire. Light and Dark are weak against each other, and neutral against the other three.

Q: What is awakening and evolution, and what is the difference?

A: Awakening is the process of using special "Essences" of the same element of the monster, in order to give it a boost to stats, possibly new or improved skills, and a new look. Evolution is the process of sacrificing monsters of the same grade/star rating, in order to improve the grade of the current monster, raising it by one star. An number of monsters, equal to the number of stars of the monster is needed to evolve it. Please see each respective page for more details.

Q: Should I evolve or awaken my monster first?

A: Either way is fine, and won't affect the overall strength of the monster at the end. However, it is highly advisable that you awaken a monster if you have the materials at hand, as this will benefit you immediately this way, since evolution tends to take longer. That said, it doesn't matter which you do first.

Q: How do I change my main monster?

On your island, click on the monsters icon in the bottom right. Choose a monster you wish to make as your main monster, also known as representative monster (rep monster for short). Once you have chosen your intended monster, click on the settings icon on the stats window. The settings icon is indicated by a cogwheel. When a pop-up window appears, tick the "Set Rep Monster" option. 

Q: How do I evolve monsters?

A: To evolve a monster, you need to sacrifice as many monsters as the monster's grade is. For example, if the monster you want to evolve is ★★★, you will then need 3★★★ monsters as evolution material. The monsters that are used to be evolved do not have to be at MAX Level. .

Evolve to






1 - - - -


4 2 - - -


18 9 3 - -


96 48 16 4 -


600 300 100 25 5

To evolve into a 4-Star, you would need to sacrifice three 3-Star, or nine 2-Star. To evolve into a 5-Star, you would need to sacrifice four 4-Star, or 16 3-Star, and so on. Note that every monster can be evolved to 5-stars except Angelmons and Devilmons. Silver star monster can be evolved to 6-Star, but they cannot be awakened.

Q: What does speed do?

A: Speed determines which monster goes first in battle, as well as how quickly the monster's attack gauge fills up. Having high speed will allow your monster to go first more often, and will allow it to get a turn more often.

Q: I have 50 friends, where is my rare monster?

A: Your in-game friends are not the requirement. The invitation event requires you to invite 50 of your Facebook or Com2us friends to the game. They do not necessarily need to accept the invitation. You can send 20 invites a day. Note that there is a cooldown for sending invitations to the same friend.

Q: What are Angelmon, Devilmon, and Rainbowmon? How do I use them?

A: Angelmon are special material monsters which give extra experience when used to power up another monster. Devilmon are also special material monsters which upgrade one skill once when used to power up another monster. Rainbowmon are evolution monsters, whose sole purpose is to be sacrificed in order to evolve another monster. Please see each respective monster page for more information.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

Q: What is the chance of summoning a 4-Star or 5-Star monster? A: It is said that the summoning of a 4-Star has a 5-10% chance and 5-Star has a less than 1% chance.

Q: I summoned X times, but I still didn't get a 4-star or 5-star, even though I should have. What gives!?

A: Probability is a fickle thing. A good example is a flip of a coin. You got a 50/50 chance of getting heads or tails, but there is still a chance that you draw heads ten times in a row. And just because that happened, that doesn't mean that the chance of drawing tails is higher with the eleventh flip. You could get heads again. The point is, these things are completely random. These things do have a tendency of evening out over the long term, so just keep summoning and be patient. Your moment will come.

Q: What's the best way of farming Mystical Scrolls?

A: That isn't really something that you can "farm". While dungeons do have a chance of dropping mystical scrolls, the odds are completely random, and even if you do 50 runs, there isn't a guarantee that you'll even find one scroll. Be patient, save your crystals, and buy Summoners Packs or Premium Packs in the shop. They can also be purchased in the Magic Shop if you're lucky, although they cost over 100,000 Mana Stones for one.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Q: What are leader skills?

A: They are special passive skills which provide party wide buffs of some sort, such as increased attack or defense. They are only active when the monster is set as party leader (occupying the first slot in the party).

Q: Will leader skills still work if my monster dies in battle?

A: Yes, they'll still continue to work.

Q: How do I increase monster skill levels?

A: There are two ways to increase monster skills levels.

  1. To increase skill levels, you can evolve or power-up a monster using the same monster. Monsters of different elements can also work. For example, you want to increase the skill level of a Water Warbear. You could use any type of Warbears to evolve or power-up the Water Warbear to increase its skill levels.
  2. Power-up your monster with a Devilmon. You can buy Devilmons from the Glory Shop, or you can get them during Events.

Q: Will skill ups transfer if I feed a monster with skill ups to another without any?

A: No, skills don't transfer that way. That means that feeding a Water Fairy with a level 2 skill will not provide two skill ups to another Fairy when fed.

Q: What does accuracy and resistance do?

A: Resistance is a monster's resistance to status effects such as stun and freeze. A monster that has a high resistance means that it is not likely to be affected by such skills. Accuracy is how likely a monster is to bypass another monster's resistance. A high accuracy will result in a better chance to bypass resistance and result in a status effect, although it will not increase the base rate of the skill itself. For more details, read about Accuracy and Resistance.

Q: Are benefits from skill ups multiplicative or additive (10%+10%=20% or 10%*10%=11%)?

A: It depends. Healing skills are usually multiplicative, so a 10% boost to a skill which heals 10% will result in an 11% heal. Stun skills however are additive, so a 10% boost to a skill which has a 10% stun rate will stun 20% of the time. This is still up to debate however, as only limited studies have been conducted using a few monsters, so the effect of skill ups for all skill types is unknown.

Runes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Runes

Q: How do set effects work?

A: Each Rune is part of either a set of two or four. Completing a set of either will result in a special stat bonus to the monster that has them equipped. For example, since Fatal Runes are 4-set Runes, having four of them will give a monster a 30% boost to attack.

Q: How many sets can I have equipped?

A: A maximum of up to 6 runes can be equipped, meaning, two to three sets, depending on what sets the player chooses to equip. 

Q: What is Rune grade?

A: That is the star rating of a Rune. The more stars, the better the effects.

Q: Can I evolve a Rune to the next grade (e.g. 3-star to 4-star)?

A: No. A 3-star will always stay a 3-star, no matter what you do.

Q: How does rarity work?

A: Each Rune comes in a variety of rarities, such as magic or legendary. The higher the rarity, the more secondary effects that Rune will have. Unlike grade, Runes can be powered up into the next rarity, gaining additional effects as a result. However, if Runes come at high rarities when found, powering them up will not give them any more secondary effects.

Q: Can I upgrade my Rune's secondary effects?

A: Yes, but only for Runes that already come with those effects. If more than one secondary effects are available, which one is upgraded will be selected at random. Secondary effects are only powered up every three levels.

Q: Which Rune effects are better? Percentage or flat?

A: It really depends. In general, percentage Runes (e.g. ATK + 5%) are better than flat Runes (e.g. ATK + 12), because the Rune's effect will scale with the monster as it increases in strength. This is especially the case for monsters with very high stats in one category such as attack. However, for monsters with very low stats, flat effects may be better, especially if they are 6-star Runes.

Q: How many Runes can I hold?

A: You can hold a total of 500, which includes all Runes.

Q: Can I increase my Rune holding limit?

A: You cannot increase your capacity for runes right now. However, Com2uS said there might be options for expansions in the near future, so you might be able to increase your runes capacity like monsters. 

Q: Can I remove Runes from a monster?

A: Yes, but it will cost you Mana Stones to do it (unless a special event is taking place).

Q: Where do I get Runes?

A: They can be found in several places. They are available in the scenario areas, dungeons like Giant's Keep and Dragon's Lair, and they can be found in the Magic Shop. See this page for more details.

Q: Do Despair Runes increase the stun rate on multi-hit attacks?

A: No. An attack which hits multiple times will only have a chance of activating Despair Runes on the first hit. That means if a stun isn't triggered on the first hit, it won't for the next few hits. Note that this only applies to stuns from Despair Runes, and not stuns inherent to a monster's skill.

Q: Will evolving or awakening monsters affect their runes in any way?

A: No. Your runes will not disappear nor change upon awakening or evolving.

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Q: What are secret dungeons and how do I get them?

A: Secret Dungeons are special dungeons which appear at random as a reward for clearing a stage in any of the Halls of Elements (Wind, Water, FIre, etc). Each secret dungeon has ten stages, each filled with a number of the same monster. Completing a certain amount of stages rewards players with pieces, which can be used to summon the dungeon's monster once enough have been collected. The number of pieces awarded depends on the number of stages completed.

Q: What are the number of pieces I can get in secret dungeons?

A: The number ranges from one up to four when completing all ten stages. See our Secret Dungeons page for details.

Arena[edit | edit source]

Q: What are towers, and how do they work?

A: Towers are special buildings which are active in Arena battles while a player is on defense. After a certain amount of time passes, towers will do a set amount of damage against the enemy team. As time goes by, towers will attack more frequently. Towers will only assist on defense, so they will have no effect when attacking other players.

Q: How much damage do towers do?

A: Each tower does 300 damage. The damage can be increased by having more towers constructed (up to ten can be built), or through special buildings acquired from the Glory Shop.

Q: How do I set my arena defense team?

A: This is done through your Summoner's Tower. Once it has been selected, pressing the option labelled "Defense" will give you the ability to select your team.

Q: When are weekly rewards given out?

A: At the end of every Sunday of each week.

Q: How does opponent matching work?

A: When you win or lose against an opponent, you score invisible points depending on how lopsided the battle was. Winning in dominant fashion gives you a high score, which means you'll end up getting matched against opponents with similar scores. Likewise with losing. The score is flexible, and is constantly being updated depending on your battles. The score is dependent on both offensive and defensive wins and losses.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Q: What is the Sanctuary of Eternity?
A: There was a name change between when the quest was written and when it was released. It is also known as the Sanctum of Energy, which can be found in the Glory Shop.

Q: How does the Tranquil Forest work?
A: Drag and drop the monsters of interest into the forest. You could also click on the building and then click the (+) button below, then choose the monsters you want to put in here. This works the same for Crystal Lake and Gusty Cliff. 

Quests and Missions[edit | edit source]

Q: How do you succeed the Daily Mission: "Show off your Friendship (Fight with a Friend)"?
A: In the monster selection screen for a Dungeon or Scenario battle, there will be an additional row of monsters below your own. Those are your friends' monsters. Remove one of your monsters and replace it with one of your friends' monsters. You need to do this 3 times.

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