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This page is an official policy or guideline.

Please use the talk page or start a forum thread before making any changes, to ensure community consensus.

The following are guidelines and instructions on how to go about submitting and adding a unique rune build for a monster page. Some basic knowledge in wiki editing is recommended. See here for a quick rundown of wiki syntax.

Before adding a build, it is also recommended that users check the wiki's list of pre-approved general rune builds. If a similar build already exists there, it is recommended that users add that build instead, with minor tweaks to runes or stats as needed.

Page setup[edit source]

Before adding a build directly to a monster page, a detailed build page should be set up outlining usage of the build, including various runes and stats, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Generally, the guidelines for setting up a build page are quite flexible, and users are allowed to add as much or as little information as needed to convey the effectiveness of the build. However, there are several sections which should be added as a bare minimum. For an example of how a proper build page should look, see our Build:Archangel (Fire) - Velajuel Offense Support page.

Page tags[edit source]

All build pages should include a premade message tag, inserted at the top of the page. This can be done by simply copying/pasting "{{Unique monster build message}}" at the top of the page (without quotations). Additionally, newly created build pages should also have the "{{New monster build notice}}" tag displayed at the top as well.

Overview[edit source]

All build pages should start have an overview table illustrating the basic rune and stat requirements, as well as a lead paragraph outlining the basic elements of the build. The table can be done with the Template:Rune build display template. An example has been provided below, including instructions on filling out the template properly.

Template syntax

{{Rune build display
|Build 1 name = 
|Four-Set 1a =
|Two-Set 1a =
|Two-Set 1b =
|Two-Set 1c =
|Two-Set 1d =
|Build 1 stats = 
|Useful for 1 =

Filled out template

{{Rune build display
|Build 1 name = Offense support
|Four-Set 1a = Violent
|Two-Set 1a =Will
|Two-Set 1b =Revenge
|Two-Set 1c =Blade
|Two-Set 1d =Guard
|Build 1 stats = Def, Hp, CR, CD, Spd
|Useful for 1 =End game

Displayed on page

Build 4-Set(s) 2-Set(s) Suggested Stats Useful for

Offense support ?

Def, Hp, CR, CD, Spd

End game

Other important sections[edit source]

  • Runes
    • This section should detail the specific runes that should be used for the monster build. This should include both the 4-set runes and 2-set runes, including information on what specific advantages the various rune options provide.
  • Stats
    • This section should outline the specific stats that should be prioritized, including possible stat targets that players should try and reach.
  • Areas of use
    • This section should list the possible areas of the game which the build would be useful in.
  • Useful for
    • This section should outline which stage of the game the build would be ideal for (e.g. Beginner, end game, etc).
  • Counters
    • This section should list the possible counters and weaknesses of the build.

Misc sections[edit source]

  • Videos
    • A section with video demonstrations of the build will help players who like having a visual aid.

Submission box[edit source]

To make the submission process as easy as possible, a page creation box has been added for user convenience. It is recommended that users edit the page in "Source mode". Simply type in the name of the build, and press the "Create" button to begin. Be sure to add the "Build" prefix, followed by the full name of the monster and the build name (e.g. Build:Archangel (Fire) - Velajuel Offense Support). A new page with premade sections will be created automatically and ready for editng. Simply fill out the sections and after your ready, hit the "Publish" button. Be sure to follow the above guidelines, and check our example page as a reference. Feel free to add any additional sections that you think may be needed.

Build Page Creation

Adding the build[edit source]

After the build page has been set up, users may add the build directly to the respective monster page, in the "Builds/Teams" section. Most monsters pages will have some rune builds already displayed there. Users may add their newly created unique build under the existing builds, following the same conventions as the other builds (build name, links, rune sets, tooltip description, etc).

Build review[edit source]

All newly created unique builds will be subject to review from either an admin or moderator. Any builds which don't meet community standards will be subject to deletion.

Post-review changes[edit source]

Newly created builds may be subject to further edits by both admin/moderators, as well as by regular users.

Terminology[edit source]

When builds are formally entered into monster pages, the following terminology should be used in the build tables.

Useful for (Stage of Game)
Term used Guideline
All game Reasonably obtainable runes that work throughout all stages of the game.
Beginner Easily obtainable runes mostly used for set effects regardless of rune grade. Early to Mid game builds are under the Beginner category. Beginner builds are stepping stone builds that falls off later in the game.
Mid-End game 4*-6* runes from shop or Cairos dungeon that are not ridiculous to obtain, with builds that may still be useful for late game content.
End Game 5*-6* runes with amazing substats aimed at optimizing monsters for end game arena or dungeon auto speed teams. Builds are unsuitable for earlier stages of the game normally due to difficulty of obtaining the runes or high stat requirement.
Term used Full name
Hp Health Points
Atk Attack
Def Defense
Spd Speed
CR Critical Rate
CD Critical Damage
Res Resistance
Acc Accuracy
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