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At Summoners War Wiki, our goal is to providing a safe and friendly environment where everyone can safely collaborate and exchange ideas, in order to help make this wiki the best it can be. Our rules and guidelines provide an outline of acceptable behavior and practices in the hopes of meeting this goal.

That does not mean our aim is to create a hive mind where users will always agree on things (that would be impossible), but rather to create an environment where discussions are done in a polite and professional manner, where criticisms are constructive and useful.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a resource which is useful and professional, and a community which is welcoming and accepting of all, regardless of differences. The hope is that some of our editing guidelines can serve as a useful tool to ensure that information is conveyed in a clear and consistent manner, while our User Conduct policy can serve as a guide on how users should behave and treat others.

In short, respect the golden rule, and help keep our site clean :)

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