Summoners War: Sky Arena, or simply Summmoners War, is a 3D RPG mobile game developed and published by Com2uS. It was released worldwide on both the iOS and Android platforms on June 12, 2014. It is currently available in 14 different languages, including English and most European and Asian languages.

The game is set in a fictional fantasy world inhabited by various kinds of monsters, and a group of humans known as Summoners who control these monsters to battle against one another, sometimes in sanctioned arena matches and other times for power and control. The gameplay focuses on the collection of these various monsters, with the object being to level and grow them in order to compete against other players, and complete various PvE challenges.

Story[edit | edit source]

Since ancient times, various groups of people who called themselves Summoners used magic to train and control the monsters which inhabited the world, with the aim of trying to defeat rival Summoners in battles. At some point, a war lasting a hundred years broke out between the Summoners over a powerful crystal known as the Mana Crystal. To settle this war, the Celestial Arena was created and supervised by the Council of Summoners, where Summoners would compete against one another in sanctioned matches in order to determine access to resources, and keep conflicts in check.

The present story takes place from the point of view of an unnamed protagonist, a young summoner competing at the request of Durand, a powerful magician on the Council. He/she is assisted by a woman named Ellia, who acts as a personal assistant to the protagonist.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game centers around the collection of various Monsters, which are grouped in various grades (from 1-star to 6-star). Monsters found naturally in higher grades in general have a higher overall strength level then monsters found in lower grades, although all monsters may move up to the maximum grade of 6-stars by sacrificing a number of monsters of the same current grade. Additionally, monsters may also move up in level, gaining strength with each level. The maximum level of a monster depends on the grade of the monster, with 6-star monsters having a maximum level of 40. Monsters must gain experience to level up, which can be gained either by using them in various areas in the game, including Scenario areas, Dungeons, the Trial of Ascension, or competing in the Arena against other players. Additionally, monsters may be sacrificed to level up another monster.

Monsters can also be equipped with Runes in order to gain strength. Each monster has six slots with which to equip Runes. Runes also come in various grades, from 1-star to 6-stars, although unlike monsters they cannot move up to higher grades. However, Runes can be leveled up to a maximum of 15 levels starting from level 0, at a cost of Mana Stones. The grade of a Rune represents it's total boost to a monster's stats, with higher grade Runes giving a higher boost than lower grade Runes. Runes must be leveled up to their maximum in order to provide a maximum boost. Runes give boosts to a variety of different monster stats, the type of which depends on the the slot number it occupies on a monster.

Monsters may be gained a variety of ways, most of which occurs through a process known as summoning. Monsters may be summoned through various scrolls, such as a Mystical Scroll or Unknown Scroll, or they may be summoned through collecting various pieces of the monster. They may also be summoned by fusing other monsters together.

Each player has a maximum amount of energy with which to complete various actions in the game. The amount of energy depends on the level of the player. Players must gain experience in order to level up, which can include using monsters in various areas of the game, or completing basic actions such as Missions. Additionally, players have access to two types of currency: Mana Stones and Crystals. Mana Stones are used for basic actions such as leveling up a monster or Rune. Crystals are a type of paid currency which generally must be purchased using real currency, although specific amounts are awarded to players by completing the various areas of the game, as well as given out in various Events.

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