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Skills are abilities that are usually unique to each monster's family. Monsters can have anywhere between 1 to 4 skills. Each skill may possess a variety of effects, depending on the monster. Some skills are purely damage-based, while others are focused on inflicting various status effects, such as debuffs against enemy monsters or buffs for ally monsters. As well, healing skills are available for restoring the HP of ally monsters. Apart from the first skill of each monster, and passive skills that automatically take effect and last for the entire battle, skills have a cool down period before they can be used again.

Additionally, some monsters also possess special Leader Skills, which carry various passive party wide effects, and which are only active when the monster is set as party leader. A leader skill bonus remains active for the party even if the leader dies in battle.

Skill level[]

Like monsters, some skills can be leveled up. All skills start at Level 1, but some can be improved. There are two ways to level up a skill:

  • Power-up or evolve using a monster of the same family.
    • E.g. Powering-up a Fairy (Water) using a Fairy (Light) will increase the level of any of the skills of the Water Fairy. Note that unawakened monsters can be used to power-up skills gained upon awakening.
    • This process also applies to evolution. For example, using the previous example, evolving a Fairy (Water) using Fairy (Light) will also increase Fairy (Water)'s skill.
  • Power-up using a Devilmon.

Skills can be upgraded multiple times at once by using multiple monsters that are eligible. Which skills are upgraded are chosen at random by the game.

There are a number of effects when skills are leveled up. These effects can be seen in the monster window if a player owns the monster. Increase the level of skills can increase the damage of the skill, increase the Harmful Effect Rate, increase the chances of other special effects and decrease cooltime.

Skill levels that increase the chance to activate, e.g. "Harmful Effect Rate +10%" are additive. That means a skill with 75% that gains a 10% skill up becomes a total 85% chance to activate.

Skill levels that increase healing, e.g. "Recovery +10%" are multiplicative of base. A skill that heals for 30% max HP with a 10% Recovery skill up becomes 33% Max HP. This also applies to heals that scale off Attack.

Skill levels that increase damage, e.g. "Damage +10%" are more complex. The damage is added into the critical damage pool of multipliers in the damage formula[1]. To figure out boost, use this equation:

Total Attack * (1 + Critical Damage % + Skill Level Up Damage %) * Skill Multiplier


Beneficial Effects, also known as buffs, are positive status effects which can be applied to ally monsters in a party, such as a player's monster as well as a friend's monster. Monsters that are buffed will have a blue icon over its Health bar. The duration of the effect can be seen on the bottom right of the icon.

For attack, defense, and speed buffs, the percentage increase is applied to the monster's total stats.

The following shows all buffs available in the game:

Icon Buff effect Description Value (in %)
Status Increase Attack Power.png Increase ATK Attack Power is increased. 50
Status Increase Defense.png Increase DEF Defense is increased. 70
Status Increase Critical Rate.png Increase CRI Rate Critical Hit Rate is increased. 30
Status Increase Critical Hit Protection.png Increased CRI Resist Critical Hit Rate against the monster is reduced. 50
Status Increase Speed.png Increase ATK SPD Speed is increased (Attack Bar will fill faster). 30
Status Blessed.png Recovery Some health is healed for every turn this is active (a percentage of Max HP). 15
Status Counterattack.png Counter When attacked, the target will counterattack to inflict 75% of the Attack Power as damage. -
Status Immunity.png Immunity Monster is immune to all negative status effects / Harmful Effects / Weakening Effects / Debuffs. -
Status Invincibility.png Invincible All incoming damage is reduced to zero. -
Status Reflect Damage.png Reflect DMG A portion of incoming damage is reflected back at the attacker. This does not nullify any Status Effects. 30
Status Shield.png Shield A shield is created to absorb a fixed amount of damage. -
Endure.png Endure Monster temporarily cannot be killed as HP cannot go below 1. -
Defend.png Defend The caster of this skill will take 50% of the damage instead of the attacked ally and the attacked ally will receive 0 damage. (Harmful effects may still be applied.) -
Status Protect Soul.png Protect Soul If the monster dies with the effect active, it will revive. 30
Status Brand.png Shield A shield is created to absorb a fixed amount of damage.

This buff comes from the Shield Rune set bonus.

Status Threat.png Threat The enemy can only attack the target under the Threat state when using the attack skill.
Increase ATK Bar The ATK bar of ally monsters is filled by a set %. This allows ally monsters to attack again sooner. -

*Increase DEF, CRI Resist, Shield, Shield (Rune), Reflect DMG, Invincibility, and Defend all count as damage reduction effects.


Harmful Effects are negative status effects, which are inflicted on enemy monsters. Debuffs are signified by a red icon over the monster it affects. Similar to buffs, the duration is on the bottom right of the icon.

For attack, defense, and speed debuffs, the percentage decrease is applied to the monster's total stats.

Harmful Effects are further separated as Weakening Effects and Inability Effects. Inability Effects prevent any active action to be done when the unit receives a turn and also prevents natural cooltime reduction upon gaining a turn.

The following is a list of debuffs available in the game:

Icon Status effect Description Value (in %)
Status Increase Glancing Hit Rate.png Increased chances of missing Increased chance for the monster to land a Glancing Hit which deals reduced damage. 50
Status Reduce Attack Power.png Decrease ATK Attack Power is reduced. 50
Status Reduce Defense.png Decrease DEF Defense is reduced. 70
Status Reduce Speed.png Decrease ATK SPD Speed is reduced (Attack Bar will fill slower). 30
Status Block Beneficial Effect.png Beneficial Effects Blocked Buffs/Beneficial Effects cannot be applied to the monster. -
Status Bomb.png Bomb A bomb is planted on a monster, which is set to detonate in a fixed number of turns. Inflicts damage proportional to attack, and stuns the target for 1 turn. (Ignores defense.) -
Status Provoke.png Provoke The monster is forced to only attack the monster which applied the effect. Provoked monsters will attack with their 1st skill. -
Status Sleep.png Sleep The monster is put to sleep and cannot attack unless awakened, either after a fixed number of turns or after taking damage*. -
Status Continuous Damage.png Continuous DMG Deals damage proportionate to the monster's max HP every turn. 5
Status Freeze.png Freeze Enemy is frozen and immobilized for a number of turns*. -
Status Stun.png Stun Enemy is stunned and immobilized for a number of turns*. -
Status Unrecoverable.png Unrecoverable Healing effects are blocked for a number of turns. -
Status Silence.png Silence Skills with cooltime are blocked for a number of turns. -
Brand.png Brand Enemies with Branding Effect take more Damage. 25
Status Oblivious.png Oblivion Prevents passives from functioning while the debuff is in effect. -
Decrease ATK bar Decreases the Attack Bar of enemy monsters, delaying the moment they get their turn. -

*Freeze, stun, and sleep will all prevent a monster's cooltimes from counting down. Silence will prevent skills with cooltimes from being used, but they still count down.

Turn Order[]

Main article: Turn Order

In general, turn order is #1 Inability Effects, #2 Action, #3 Beneficial & Weakening Effects. Continuous Damage is an exception to this rule, being a weakening effect that happens before a monster's action but after inability effects.

Leader skills[]

Main article: Leader Skill

Leader skills have a wide variety of effects, which can range from buffs to attack to speed, and which can activate in all circumstances, or only in specific ones such as in Arena or Dungeons.

Unlike buffs / debuffs, leader skill bonuses are only applied to the base stats of each monster.

Leader skills remain active even after the Leader monster has been defeated.

In other language[]

English Skill
Korean 스킬
Japanese スキル
Traditional Chinese技能 português=habilidade
Simplified Chinese 技能
French Compétence
German Fertigkeit
Russian Навык
Portuguese Habilidade
Spanish Habilidad
Indonesian Skill
Malay Kemahiran
Vietnamese Kỹ năng
Thai สกิล


  • The Samurai monster family is the only family of monsters with a Hidden skill.
    • They are also the only monster family with a set of four damaging skills.