The Shop is composed of multiple aspects, such as the Glory Shop, Cash Shop and Special packages. It is also the place where Summoners buy Buildings and Land Expansions.

The Shop is divided into five parts: Buildings, Expand, Glory Shop, Cash Shop and Special.

Shop Building icon Building Edit

Main article: Buildings

Players can view all the available buildings as well as the ones that the player has already built. Decorations can also be found here.

Shop Expand icon Expand Edit

Main article: Buildings#Expansion

There are 6 expansions possible in the game, named Expand the Sky Island in the Building tab of the main Shop menu. Each purchase, bought with mana stones, adds one additional island; this gives more room for buildings and decorations. Monsters can also be moved to other lands by picking them up and placing them down.

Land Expansion

Shop Glory Shop icon Glory Shop Edit

Main article: Glory Shop

The Glory Shop contains items that can only be purchased through Glory Points. Structures and buildings that require Glory Points to purchase can be found here.

Shop Cash Shop icon Cash Shop Edit

The Cash Shop is where Crystals can be exchanged for Energy, Arena Invitations and Mana Stones. Additional crystals can also be purchased using money here.

List of Crystal Packages in USD
Image Package Name Crystals Price Crystal/Dollar
Cash Shop Handful of Crystals Handful of Crystals 72 $2.99 24
Cash Shop Bundle of Crystals Bundle of Crystals 120 $4.99 24
Cash Shop Pile of Crystals Pile of Crystals 250 $9.99 25
Cash Shop Sack of Crystals Sack of Crystals 500 $19.99 25
Cash Shop Box of Crystals Box of Crystals 1,400 $49.99 28
Cash Shop Chest of Crystals Chest of Crystals 3,000 $99.99 30
Daily Pack I Daily Pack I 300

(20/day for 15 days)

$4.99 60
Daily Pack II Daily Pack II 1,050

(70/day for 15 days)

$29.99 35
Other items available for purchase
Image Package Name Quantity Cost Mana per Crystal
Cash Shop Recharge Energy Recharge Energy EnergyMAX Crystal30
Cash Shop Arena Invitation Arena Invitation Arena InvitationMAX Crystal30
Cash Shop Bundle of Mana Bundle of Mana Mana Stone40,000 Crystal30 1333
Cash Shop Pile of Mana Pile of Mana Mana Stone154,000 Crystal100 1540
Cash Shop Sack of Mana Sack of Mana Mana Stone875,000 Crystal500 1750
Cash Shop Box of Mana Box of Mana Mana Stone2,100,000 Crystal1,000 2100

Shop Special icon Special Edit

Special in-game items, such as the Summoner Pack, Premium Pack, EXP Boosters and the Nickname Change Ticket can be found here. All special items here are purchased with crystals.

Summoner Pack Edit

Summoner Pack Icon
The basic package for summoning monsters.

Premium Pack Edit

Premium Pack Icon
The best package to summon monsters.

EXP Booster Edit

EXP Booster Icon
Increases the EXP for all monsters by 100%
  • 1 Day EXP Booster
  • Cost: 100 Crystal
  • 3 Days EXP Booster
  • Cost: 200 Crystal

EXP Building Booster Edit

For seven days, the amount of EXP that the buildings give to Monsters will be increased by 3 times.

  • Cost: Crystal250

Attribute Dungeon Edit

Opens a Hall of Elements, of a different attribute than the current day.

  • Cost: Crystal200

Elemental Secret Dungeon Edit

Opens a secret dungeon, of that day's attribute. If there is no elemental dungeon open that day, this option will not be available.

  • Cost: Crystal100

Dimensional Crystal Edit

Used when you enter the Dimensional Rift.

Essence of Magic Pack Edit

The Essence of Magic Pack that's required for all Monster Awakening!

  • Essence of Magic (High) - Essence of Magic (High)5
  • Essence of Magic (Mid) - Essence of Magic (Mid)15
  • Essence of Magic (Low) - Essence of Magic (Low)30
  • Cost: Crystal250

Symbol of Harmony, Transcendence, or Chaos Edit

Used as a craft material.

  • Symbols - Symbol of Harmony50 or Symbol of Transcendence50 or Symbol of Chaos50
  • Cost: Crystal150
  • Limit: 10 purchases per week (total 500 each)

Rune Piece Edit

Used as a craft material.

  • Rune Piece - Rune Piece50
  • Cost: Crystal150
  • Limit: 15 purchases per week (total 750 each)

Nickname Change Ticket Edit

Nickname Change Ticket Icon

This ticket allows you to change your name.

  • Cost: 300 Crystal

Package Edit

Daily Pack I Edit

Daily Pack I
  • 20 Crystal daily for 15 days (total: 300 Crystal)
  • 5% additional mana stones for 15 days
  • Price: $4.99 USD €5.49 EUR

Daily Pack II Edit

Daily Pack II
  • 70 Crystal daily for 15 days (total: 1050 Crystal)
  • 30 Energy daily for 15 days
  • 5% additional EXP for 15 days
  • 1 additional daily wish for 15 days
  • Price: $29.99 €32.99 EUR

Rune Removal Pack Edit

Rune Removal Pack
  • 500 Crystal
  • 72,000 Mana Stone
  • 1 day Free Rune Removal Coupon
  • Price: $29.99 €32.99 EUR

Summoning Stone Pack I Edit

Summoning Pack I

Summoning Stone Pack II Edit


Summoning Stone Pack III Edit

Summoning Pack III

Summoning Stone Pack IV Edit

Summoning Stone Pack IV

Limited Time Offers Edit

In addition to all the items that can be found above, there are certain packages that can be found on the main screen and after completing a Scenario or Dungeon battle.

Limited Time Packages Edit

Devilmon Pack

Devilmon Pack

20150427 153949

Monthly Bonus Package

20150427 154004

Legendary Scroll Package

20150427 154020

Rune Build Package

Daily Specials Edit

Energy And Mana Stone Pack

Energy and Mana Package

Package of Light & Dark

Light and Dark Scrolls

King Angelmon Pack

King Angelmon Pack

Attribute Scroll Package

Attribute Scroll Package

Summoning Stone Pack

Summoning Stone Pack

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