The Scenario areas of Summoners War consist of thirteen special regions which are part of the game's main storyline. To progress through the main story, the game requires players to complete each area in successive order, with each area becoming increasingly more difficult. To complete an area, players must battle their way through six stages, with each stage consisting of three rounds of monsters; the last of which is usually a special more powerful version of one of the monsters in the stage. A seventh stage also exists for each area, and similarly also consists of three rounds of monsters, although the last round requires defeating a special boss. Completing a stage awards a player with experience, mana stones, Runes and occasionally some energy, Monsters, and crystals as well.

In addition, each area also consists of three modes of difficulty: normal, hard, and hell. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards for completing a stage. Only normal difficulty is unlocked initially, so players must finish an area once in one difficulty before they can advance to the next one.

Scenario AreasEdit

There are currently thirteen scenario areas available:

Area Description Difficulty 1st Time Clearance Reward
Garen Forest Map Garen Forest Forested area with a variety of monsters. Very Easy ★★★ Elven Ranger (Light) x1
Mt. Siz Map Mt. Siz Mountainous area filled with stony caverns. inhabited mainly by elemental Golems, Slimes, and Ghosts, and various other monsters. Easy ★★★★ Magic Knight (Water) x1
Kabir Ruins Map Kabir Ruins Area filled with ancient ruins, mainly inhabited by wind Harpies and Elementals of various types. Moderate 3★ Magic Energy Rune x6
Mt. White Ragon Map Mt. White Ragon Rocky landscape blanketed with snow, inhabited mainly by various water monsters. Moderate Mana Stone(s) x30000 + Energy x30
Telain Forest Map Telain Forest Quite similiar to Garen Forest; a forested area inhabited by a variety of different monsters. Moderate 3★ Magic Blade Rune x6
Hydeni Ruins Map Hydeni Ruins Area filled with ancient ruins, inhabited mainly by water Howls and Elementals of various types. Moderate 2★ Rainbowmon x2
Tamor Desert Map Tamor Desert Sandy desert inhabited mainly by wind and fire monsters of various types. Moderate 4★ Rare Fatal Rune x6
Vrofagus Ruins Map Vrofagus Ruins Area filled with ancient ruins, inhabited mainly by fire Werewolves and Elementals of various types. Hard Energy x100 + EXP Booster 1 day(s) x1
Faimon Volcano Map Faimon Volcano Lava filled landscape inhabited by fire and dark monsters. Hard Scroll of Light & Darkness x1
Aiden Forest Map Aiden Forest Spooky area filled with dead trees, inhabited by water and wind monsters. Hard 4★ Hero Rune Ticket x1 (Rune of choice : Energy, Fatal, Blade x6)
Ferun Castle Map Ferun Castle An abandoned castle inhabited mainly by Skull Soldier and Living Armor. Hard King Angelmon x3 (Water, Fire, Wind)
Mt. Runar Map Mt. Runar Mountainous area filled with caves inhabited by a variety of different monsters. Hard/Extreme Summoning Stones x100
Chiruka Remains Map Chiruka Remains Area filled with ancient ruins, inhabited by water and wind monsters. Hard/Extreme 5★ Hero Rune Ticket x1 (Rune of choice : Energy, Fatal, Blade x6)

Initially, only Garen Forest is unlocked, with the rest being unlocked as players progress through the main story by completing the area available to them. Each area consists of seven stages, with each stage consisting of three rounds of monsters which must be defeated in battle in order to clear the stage. The last round of each stage consists of a more powerful version of a monster found in that stage, with the seventh stage consisting of a boss. Players are allowed to carry up to four monsters with them in battle.

Additionally, each area has three modes of difficulty available to them: normal, hard, and hell. Each difficulty consists of harder monsters for each stage, although better rewards and more experience is also given for completing a stage. Only normal difficulty is unlocked at first, so players must first finish an area in normal mode to unlock hard mode, which must also be cleared to unlock hell.


The amount of experience awarded to each monster in battle after completing a stage depends on the scenario area and the difficulty the stage is completed in. In general, the later the area is unlocked, and the higher the difficulty mode, the more experience awarded. Stage number also affects experience, with higher numbered stages sometimes awarding more experience, although this will depend on the area and difficulty of the stage.

The amount of experience awarded is divided among all the monsters in battle (excluding monsters belonging to friends), so having less monsters in battle will result in more experience awarded to each monster, at a cost of making completion more difficult. Note that less experience is awarded if players lose all of their monsters in battle before the end, with the amount depending on how far in a stage players advance and how many enemies were defeated.


Main article: Runes

Each scenario area drops a specific rune type, with the stage number of the area determining which slot the rune occupies. While each area has the potential to drop runes from a grade of 1-star to 4-star, generally the higher the difficulty level, the greater the likelihood of finding runes of a higher grade. As a general rule, stages in normal mode give 1-star runes at minimum, hard mode gives 2-star runes at minimum, and hell mode gives 3-star runes at minimum, with a good chance at a 4-star rune or 5-star rune with least chance on boss. The following table illustrates which runes are available in each area.

Garen Forest Mt. Siz Kabir Ruins Mt. White Ragon Telain Forest Hydeni Ruins Tamor Desert Vrofagus Ruins Faimon Volcano Aiden Forest Ferun Castle Mt. Runar Chiruka Remains
Rune Energy Rune Icon
Fatal Rune Icon
Blade Rune Icon
Swift Rune Icon
Focus Rune Icon
Guard Rune Icon
Endure Rune Icon
Shield Rune Icon
Revenge Rune Icon
Will Rune Icon
Nemesis Rune Icon
Vampire Rune Icon
Destroy Rune Icon