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Welcome to the Summoners War Sky Arena Wiki Poll page! Every so often, depending on the number of votes cast, a new poll gauging wiki user opinions on various subjects related to Summoners War: Sky Arena is made and posted on the front page of the wiki for all to vote on and see! Anyone can vote in the polls, and at any time!

This page details and displays the current poll, and contains links to previous polls as well! Users may also use this page to discuss the current featured poll, as well to suggest ideas for new polls.

If you would like to discuss previous polls, please comment on their respective pages.

Current poll[]

Previous polls[]

  1. Q: How many Unknown Scrolls do you have? 0-500
  2. Q: Which Hall of Heroes would you like for October (Wind element)? Neostone Agent
  3. Q: Which Hall of Heroes would you like for September (Dark element)?
  4. Q: How much money have you spent on the game? None (I'm F2P)
  5. Q: Which Hall of Heroes would you like for August (Light element)? Pirate Captain
  6. Q: Which is your favourite Ifrit? Dark
  7. Q: For Summoner's War's 1st anniversary, you can vote for the next Hall of Heroes (limited to the following monsters). Whose dungeon would you vote for?
  8. Q: What do you think about the recent change to Giant's Keep and Dragon's Lair?
  9. Q: Which of the Joker monsters is your favourite?
  10. Q: Which of the Pierrets is your favorite? wind
  11. Q: What is your favourite game event? Rune Removal event
  12. Q: Which new monster do you like best? Charger shark
  13. Q: Do you use our official SW Wiki App? You guys have an app?!
  14. Q: Should we have more polls? Yes.
  15. Q: What was your favorite Transmog from the new pack? Wing of Death Hell Lady.
  16. Q: Transmog Finals! What is the all time favorite transmog if the current 5? Dreamy Priestess Neostone Agent!
  17. Q: Which Nat 3 really deserves a transmog? High Elemental!
  18. Q: What new transmog of the five do you like the best? Radiance Successor Fairy King!
  19. Q: What HoH do you wanna see for January 2018? Light Neostone Agent!
  20. Q: Louis HoH! How far will you clear? 4 floors!
  21. Q: Louis HoH Over! Will you build him? No!
  22. Q: Kamiya HoH over! Will you build or use her? Yes!
  23. Q: Which Chakram Dancer do you like the most? Fire
  24. Q: Which 4-Year Anniversary Monster will you select for Hall of Heroes? Magic Knight (Dark)
  25. Q: Which monster buff are you looking forward to the most (April 2018)? Nine-Tailed Foxes (All)
  26. Q: Are you planning on getting Elsharion (Light Ifrit)?
  27. Q: What do you think of Tartarus' Labyrinth so far?
  28. Q: Which Dryad is your favorite? Dark.
  29. Q: What Fusion Support will you go for? Veromos.

Future poll ideas[]

  • Q:What aspects of the game do you like the most? [Dungeons, Events, Scenarios, Monster Collection, Arena] Events
  • Q:What farmable creature is best [Scenarios, market place, regular secret Dungeons](not scrolls or events) Scenarios
  • What labyrinth boss do you find the most difficult? [Guilles, Leos, Kotos, Tartarus, all, none]

Previous polls results[]