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This section outlines pages which need content management of some sort. Information on some pages may be too sparse or missing, the quality of specific article pages may need to checked, or new pages may need to be constructed.

Cleanup required

  • Pages requiring cleanup in order to meet wiki standards.

Image cleanup required

  • Pages with images which need to be cleaned up in order to meet wiki quality standards.

Image needed

  • Pages which require an image, or which would benefit from one.

Incomplete information

  • Pages which contain information which is incomplete or missing.

Article stubs

  • Pages which contain too little information.

Upcoming content

  • Pages featuring content yet to be released, or which is in the process of being released.

Under construction

  • Pages in the process of being built or completed.

Wanted pages

  • Suggestions for new pages or articles have been made. These pages may need to be created.

Verification needed

  • Pages with information in need of verification.

This section outlines pages or parts of the wiki in need of some maintenance. Pages or sections may need to be deleted, or categorized.

Pages needing deletion

  • Pages which need to be deleted. Reasons for deletion could include duplicate pages, spam, and innapropriate or offensive content.


  • Pages which contain too little information to warrant a seperate page. These pages would benefit from being merged with another one.


  • Pages which are overly lengthy and which would benefit from being split into different pages.

Uncategorized pages

  • Pages which need to be categorized.

Unused images

  • Images which are not being used and may need to be deleted.

Dead end pages

  • Pages which do not link to any other page.

Orphaned pages

  • Similar to dead end pages, these pages are not linked from any page on the wiki.