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Monsters are the main creatures used by players in the to battle in the Arena, Scenarios, and Cairos Dungeon, as well as in Guild Battles and the Trial of Ascension.

Each monster is divided into various grades based on its star rating, or the number of stars it possesses, and star color. Sacrificing monsters of the same star rating allows monsters to evolve, increasing their strength. All monsters come in the five different elemental variations or attributes of water, fire, wind, light and dark. Additionally, monsters come in various types based on their role in battle (attack, defense, support, HP, and material).

In order to battle, each monster possesses its own set of skills which it uses to attack, as well as to provide buffs and statuses, and even heal. The stats of a monster determine the strength of its attacks and skills. Furthermore, a monster's stats can be enhanced by powering it up through the sacrifice of other monsters. When monsters are awakened through the use of special elemental essences, they get a boost to basic attributes, and sometimes access to new abilities.You can also awaken monsters more than 1 time but not every monster can be awakened more that 1 time awakened monsters have a more superior strength and a new look added to a awakened monster.


Property Correlation

All monsters possess a specific attribute or element. There are 5 attributes in total:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Dark

Each of these attributes all have strengths and weaknesses relative to each other. The following illustrates their relationship with one another:

  • Water is strong against Fire
  • Fire is strong against Wind
  • Wind is strong against Water
  • With Light and Dark, they are both strong against each other

Indicators above monsters indicate attribute affinity

When monsters battle against those of an opposing attribute they are strong against, they gain a chance of landing a Crushing Hit and a 15% increase to their Critical Rate. When facing monsters of an attribute they are weak against, monsters are at a disadvantage in that their base damage is reduced by 20%; their attacks gain a chance to land as a "Glancing Hit", an attack that partially misses, resulting in the total damage of that hit being reduced by 30% and usually no chance of inflicting a negative status; and (since a glancing hit is not a critical hit) their critical rate is reduced by 15%. Glancing Hits, Critical Hits, and Crushing Hits are also mutually exclusive of each other. When monsters face others of the same attribute, they are at neutral and so their critical hit rate and damage is the same as before.

During a battle, the relationship is indicated by a colored arrow. A green arrow indicates that your current monster's attribute is strong against your opponent's monster's attribute. A red arrow indicates that your monster is weak against that attribute. A yellow arrow implies that the monsters are neutral to each other.


Each monster possesses the ability to level up by gaining experience, and in doing so getting an increase in stats. As monsters level up, the amount of experience needed to gain in level increases. The maximum level of each monster will depend on its star rating.

Star Rating Max Level
1 15
2 20
3 25
4 30
5 35
6 40

Monsters may gain experience through a variety of ways. Participating in battles offers a set amount of experience, with the amount depending on whether a player is battling in the arena, dungeon, story, or the Trial of Ascension. Monsters may also power up and have their level increased by sacrificing other monsters of any kind. The amount of experience each sacrificed monster gives depends on its star rating, with a higher star rating offering more experience.


Monsters possess the following major stats:

  • Attack - This determines how much damage an attack based skill does in battle, and how much health is healed for attack based heals
  • Defense - This determines how much damage is mitigated before it is dealt to a monster. Most defense monsters have skills that become better with higher defense.
  • HP - This determines how much health points a monster has, and how much damage an HP based skill does in battle.
  • Speed - This determines which monster gets to go first in battle, and how often it gets a turn. Monsters with higher total speed will move first. If more than one monster is tied in speed, slot order decides who goes first.

In addition they also possess the following minor stats:

  • Critical Rate - This determines the likelihood of a critical hit in battle. (100% cap)
  • Critical Damage - This determines how much additional damage is dealt when a critical hit lands.
  • Resistance - This affects the likelihood of an incoming harmful effect succeeding. A greater percentage indicates a greater chance of preventing the affliction. (100% cap, 15% minimum)
  • Accuracy - This affects the chance of successfully inflicting a harmful effect or ailment on an opposing monster. A greater percentage indicates a greater likelihood of inflicting statuses. This does not affect the percentage of the time that your harmful effects will activate ("proc"), but the success rate of bypassing Resistance and landing an effect. (100% cap)

Major stats increase with level and through awakening while minor stats are fixed, although they do sometimes increase through the process of awakening as well. All stats can be further increased with runes, buildings, and leader skills. Major stats that are boosted automatically get rounded up to the nearest whole number.

In Combat Stats[]

In combat stats are calculated as follows. This formula applies to the stats HP, DEF, ATK, SPD only:

STAT = ( runes + base * ( 1 + towers + leader + others ) ) * buff


STAT: combat stat

runes: bonus stat given by runes and artifacts

base: monster's base stat

towers: bonus stat given by towers. expressed as decimal 0.X (20% = 0.2)

leader: bonus defense given by leader skill. expressed as decimal

others: sum of all other stat bonus given by rift dungeon rune sets, GW content bonus, Guild lvl bonus, skills, etc. expressed as decimal

buff: if stat buff/debuff is present, replace as follows: def buff 1.7; def debuff 0.3; atk buff 1.5; atk debuff 0.5; spd buff 1.3; spd debuff 0.7; otherwise 1. if both buff and debuff of the same stat are present at the same time, they cancel each other out

Role and Grade[]

Monsters are graded based on the number of stars it has, with all of them beginning with an initial star rating between 1-6. In general, the more stars a monster has, the greater its stats are. This means that a 3-star monster would have greater stats than a 1-star monster.

In addition to star rating, monsters are also categorized into five different roles:

  • Attack - These monsters generally have low HP but high attack, and are used to deal damage against other monsters.
  • Defense - These monsters have low attack, but high defense, making them excellent at defending monster attacks.
  • HP - These monsters have high HP, and like defense monsters, are made to defend by absorbing large amounts of damage. Most HP monsters have skills that become better with higher HP.
  • Support - These monsters specialize mainly in supporting other monsters in battle, either with specific buffs or with heals.
  • Material - These monsters are used mainly to either help level up or evolve other monsters, or increase the level of skills, and cannot participate in battle.


Main article: Skills

In order to battle, each monster possesses a basic attack skill, as well as one or two additional skills, which can be attack, heal, buff, or status skills, depending on the role of a monster. Additionally, monsters may also possess a leader skill, which takes effect only when the monster is set as the party leader. Leader skills usually provide useful passives which can provide party wide stat boosts, or other kinds of buffs, and are automatically active upon entering battle. They may apply only to dungeons or the arena, but some apply to all situations.

The strength of skills usually depends on the stats of monsters. For example, some attack and heal skills scale based on attack while others may scale based on speed. Status or buff skills usually provide flat benefits regardless of stats. Some skills, such as some heal skills, heal based on a percentage of a monsters hit points, while others may heal based on party numbers. The type of effect and whether skills scale or not varies from across different monsters.

Like monsters themselves, skills may also gain in level, and as a result gain in effectiveness. To upgrade a skill, players must power up a monster by sacrificing a monster of the same family or use a special monster called devilmon. The monster need not be of the same attribute or element. Which skill is leveled up is chosen randomly.


Main article: Awakening

Star color chart

Through the process of awakening, monsters undergo a transformation which results in a change to their physical appearance, as well as an increase in their stats and sometimes a decrease in others. As well, monsters will also sometimes either gain a boost to an old skill, or gain a new one. To awaken a monster, certain Essences are required, which are only found in the Halls of Elements. Usually, monsters need essences of the same attribute, as well as neutral magic essences to awaken.

Only certain monsters may undergo an awakening, which is determined by the color of their stars. Monsters with grey stars cannot be awakened, while monsters with gold stars can. Purple stars signify that a monster has already been awakened, and can't be awakened further. Some monsters, however, can be awakened twice due to the dimension hole.


Main article: Evolution

Though monsters begin with an initial star rating, through the process of evolution, their star rating and stats can be increased. This is accomplished by sacrificing a number of monsters whose star rating is equal to the one being evolved, with the number needed being equal to the number of stars the monster has. For example, to evolve a 3-star monster (max level) to a 4-star monster, three 3-star monsters need to be sacrificed. A max level 4-star monster would need four 4-star monsters to evolve to 5-star. Regardless of a monsters initial star rating, all monsters can be evolved up to a maximum of six stars, including silver-star monsters.


There are several ways to obtain monsters:

  1. From Loot - You can get Monsters from Scenarios or Dungeons by random chance. To check the list of monsters available in a particular region, select a region in the World Map and click on Drop Info.
  2. Unknown Scroll
  3. Social Summon
  4. Mystical Scroll
  5. Crystal Summon
  6. Exclusive Summon
  7. Scroll of Light & Darkness
  8. Legendary Scroll
  9. Transcendence Scroll
  10. Fire Scroll
  11. Wind Scroll
  12. Water Scroll
  13. Monster Pieces (Secret Dungeons)
  14. Almighty Summon Pieces
  15. Hall of Heroes
  16. Fusion Hexagram
  17. Temple of Wishes
  18. Quests and Achievements
  19. Arena Ranking Rewards
  20. Events


With every monster you have the option to:

  • Set Rep Monster. If you check this option, the selected monster will be set as your Reputation Monster (or Rep Monster). Rep Monsters can be used by any players on your friends list, once every 24 hours, in battles. When a friend uses your rep monster you gain Social Points. However your monster does not gain exp when a friend uses it and you may only have one rep monster at a time.
  • Lock Monster. If you check this option, this monster will be locked preventing it from being used as Power-up or Fusion materials. This is to stop you from accidentally using monster you want to keep in powering up another monster or fusion.
  • Unsummon Monster. This will let you convert your monster into Mana Stones. This will make the monster disappear permanently. The amount of Mana Stones gained will vary depending on the grade of the monster.

Monster capacity[]

There is a limit on the maximum number of monsters the player can keep. This limit can be increased by purchasing additional space using Mana Stones or Crystals. However, players may only increase their monster capacity to a maximum of 120. Additional space may also be gained through the Monster Storage building.

When the limit is reached, players will be unable to purchase monsters from the Magic Shop, Summon Monsters through any method or withdraw monsters from their Monster Storage building. However, players will still be able to loot monsters from Scenarios and Dungeons, therefore allowing players to bypass the limit. 

Monster gallery[]

Main article: Monster Collection

Event Only Monsters[]

Some monsters can only be obtained from certain events. Here's a list of all the event exclusive monsters:

Icon Name Source
Magical Archer (Fami) Icon.pngFami Icon.png Magical Archer (Light) - Fami Japanese Code giveaway from Famitsu magazine #017
Fairy Queen (Light) Icon.pngFran Icon.png Fairy Queen (Light) - Fran

30 Million Downloads Event Reward

Special Secret Dungeon

Ancient Magic Shop (10 Pieces for 25 Ancient Coins)

Cow Girl (Dark) Icon.pngCassie Icon.png Cow Girl (Dark) - Cassie

40 Million Downloads Event Reward

Ancient Magic Shop (10 Pieces for 25 Ancient Coins)

Material monsters[]

Material monsters are special monsters which serve no purpose in battles, instead serving purely as power-up material for regular monsters. They come in three different forms: Angelmon, Rainbowmon and Devilmon.

Angelmon offer bonus experience when used as power-up material for other monsters. The amount of experience they offer increases as they are powered up themselves. Additionally, awakening them will also further increase the experience gain with monsters of the same element.

Rainbowmon automatically come fully powered up to their max level, and ready to evolve. They are used purely as evolution material.

Devilmon are the rarest variety, and are capable of giving a skill-up to any monster when used as power-up material.


Main article: Homunculus

Homunculus are special monsters summoned only at the Craft Building, using special materials gathered from the Rift Dungeons at the Rift of Worlds. They possess many of the same attributes as regular monsters, but have customizable abilities, and an inherent passive no other monster possesses. They can only be used in Arena and Guild Wars offensive teams, and general PVE.


Main article: Transmogrifications

Transmogrifications are special costumes/skins which can be equipped onto monsters. Most skins are available either through in-game purchase with money, or by unlocking with Shapeshifting Stones. Alternatively, players can unlock exclusive skins from competing at the World Arena. Transmogs provide no actual in-game benefit, existing purely as a cosmetic feature.


A cosmetic feature available to monsters is the ability to equip various auras, which are special effects that surround a monster. Auras provide no actual in-game benefit, serving purely as a decorative item. Auras can be obtained by purchase in the World Arena Shop or League Shop, and as seasonal rewards

Below is a list of all Auras that can be found in the game.

Icon Name Description
Flashing Starlight A flashing little star is flickering. Embraces the Monster with a light aura.
Glowing Star Piece Beautiful star pieces are blooming in the night sky. Embrace the Monster with an aura of stars.
Blooming Energy You can feel the warmth of the heat. Embraces the Monster with a shining aura.
Lovely Heart You can feel the warmth of love in the air. Embraces the Monster with a romantic aura.
Emerging Dark Aura You can feel a threatening energy. A dark aura is surrounding the Monster.
Gladiator of Spirit You can feel the energy full of confidence. Embraces the Monster with a blazing aura.
Swirling Magical Aura Swirling magical aura is surrounding the monster.
Swaying Jealousy You can feel the flaming energy of the battlefield. Embraces the Monster with a burning aura.
Gladiator of Wrath An uncontrollable anger is exposed. Embraces the monster with a flaming aura.
Flying Feathers Beautiful feathers are floating around the Monster.
Soaring Glow Shiny glow is soaring up, surrounding the Monster.
Burning Fury You can feel the spirit that doesn't back down in the game. A burning heat is surrounding the Monster.
Burning Spirit You can feel the powerful spirit and bravery. A boiling energy is surrounding the Monster.
Gladiator of Ambition You can feel the glory and honor of a fighter. The aura surrounding the Monster resembles a shape of whirling wings.
Legendary Gladiator It symbolizes legendary fighters. A powerful aura that's surrounding the Monster is swirling in a shape of wings.
Flaming Conqueror's Fury You can feel an overwhelming jealousy of a conqueror. A burning aura is surrounding the Monster.
Whirling Conqueror's Fury You can feel the inborn spirit and bravery of a Conqueror. A powerful burning aura is whirling the Monster.
Burning Conqueror's Rune Magic Power You can feel the overwhelming Rune Magic Power of a conqueror. Burning Rune symbols will be engraved around the Monster.
Mysterious Magic Swirl Mysterious magic power is swirling around the Monster.
Blazing Magical Orb It's a blazing magical orb that embraces the Monster.
Emissive Lightning Circles The formidable energy of magical power is coming out of the monster.

In other languages[]

English Monster
Korean 몬스터
Japanese モンスターmonsutā
Traditional Chinese魔靈
Simplified Chinese 魔灵
French Monstre
German Monster
Russian Монстр
Portuguese Monstro
Spanish Monstruo
Indonesian Monster
Malay Raksasa
Vietnamese Quái Vật
Thai มอนสเตอร์