The Hall of Heroes is an event-only Dungeon which opens in the second weekend of every month. It consists of 10 stages, each having six waves. Each wave is made up of a family of monsters with wave 3 and 6 featuring a mini-Boss monster. Like the Secret Dungeons, the Hall of Heroes drops summoning pieces which can be used to summon the dungeon's monster. Each stage drops 25 pieces and summoning a 4-Star monster costs 50 summoning pieces.

Drop InfoEdit

Prior to January 2017, there were 3 Stages of HOH. At Stage 1, the drop chance was less than 100%. If a summoning piece did not drop, increased mana was rewarded instead. At Stage 2 and 3, a summoning piece was guaranteed to drop.

After the January, 2017 update, the Hall of Heroes layout was changed. There are now 10 floors, each of which can only be completed successfully once. Each floor rewards 25 pieces, for a maximum of 250 pieces (5 summons, 10 summons if almighty summoning pieces are used to summon in between completion of each floor) if all 10 floors are completed.

Stage # of pieces
1 25
2 25
3 25
4 25
5 25
6 25
7 25
8 25
9 25
10 25


The Hall of Heroes has 10 stages, each consisting of 6 Waves. The monsters and bosses appearing in each stage depend on the stage number and the difficulty also increases with each subsequent stage.

List of past monstersEdit

Following is the list of Hall of Heroes in Global Server:

Note from Com2USEdit

The following was a direct reply from Com2US, when asked about the reappearance of monsters as Hall of Heroes:

The type of Monsters that have been selected for the Hall of Heroes in the past may reappear in the upcoming Hall of Heroes.

For example, the Wind Undine that was selected for the Hall of Heroes in the past may reappear, or, with a twist in the attribute, Fire Undine might appear for the Hall of Heroes.

Since Summoners War was released, we positioned a wide variety of Monsters in the Hall of Heroes so many users can encounter and experience different Monsters.

The Hall of Heroes is a content that we put next to next with the speed of the addition of new Monsters. As the two affect one another, we put in a lot of thought in the selection of Monsters available in the Hall of Heroes.

In our point of view, adding new Monsters too often is not healthy for the game service, and this has been the main factor that affected the selection of Monsters that will appear in the Hall of Heroes.

However, we would like to note that the fun and experience of our users is as important as any of those factors. We promise to do our best to make the Hall of Heroes a better content to increase the fun that our users get from the content. Welcome

— Com2US

Duration Edit

Hall of Heroes normally begins at 12:00 PM PST (-8 UTC). Hall of Heroes normally closes at 12:00 AM PST (-8 UTC). Please refer to a Time Zone map to confirm local time Hall of Heroes begins for you.

For example, in New York City, New York, Hall of Heroes opens at 3:00 PM (-5 UTC) and closes at 3:00 AM (-5 UTC).

In other languageEdit

English Hall of Heroes
Korean 영웅 던전Yeong-ung Deonjeon
Japanese ヒーローダンジョンHīrō Danjon
Traditional Chinese英雄地下城
Simplified Chinese 英雄地下城
French Hall des Héros
German Halle der Helden
Russian Зал героев
Portuguese Salão dos Heróis
Spanish Pasillo de Heroes
Indonesian Aula Pahlawan
Malay Dewan Wira
Vietnamese Sảnh Anh Hùng
Thai โถงฮีโร่


  1. 1st year anniversary voted by the players.
  2. 2nd year anniversary, each player was allowed to choose one dungeon.
  3. 3rd year anniversary, each player was allowed to choose one dungeon.
  4. 4th year anniversary, each player was allowed to choose one dungeon.
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