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The Guild Battle is a weekly PvP contest where guilds of similar rankings are matched against each other in a series of one-on-one monster battles, similar to Arena battles. In any one Guild Battle, only one of the participating guilds may be on offense, with the other guild simply defending against attacks. The attacking guild will have won the battle when they destroy the other teams' towers and bring the defending guild's health down to a set target. Guild health goes down every time guild members fail to defend against an attack, which in turn drains their tower's health, as well as their guild's total health. Attacking guilds have a time limit, and must defeat the defending guild in that time, otherwise the defending guild wins the battles.

Players earn Guild Points by defeating other guild members when on offense, as well as when successfully defending against attacks. As well, players earn Guild Points are earned when their guild has won a battle while on offense, as well as successfully defending against a rival guild. Guild Points can be used to purchase various items and buildings in the Guild Shop.

As of update v1.6.0, there are now also monsters with Guild Battle-specific Leader Skills such as the Martial Cat family.

Registration and declaring battlesEdit

On the Sunday of each week, Guild Masters and Vice Masters must register their guild in order to take part in the guild battles of that week. While registering, 10-25 guild members may be assigned to be on defense and defend against attacking guilds. Players with no assigned defensive team cannot be placed on defense. During the registration period, which lasts from 12 AM (PST) of the Sunday until 12:00 AM (PST) of the following Monday, guild battles will be unavailable. If over 50% of guild members leave the guild, registration will be cancelled.

Once the guild battle period begins, it continues until 10 PM (PST) of the following Saturday. During this period, the Guild Master or Vice Guild Master must declare a guild battle (by pressing the Battle button) to participate, after which the guild will be randomly matched up with a guild of similar ranking to attack. An attacking guild may bring as many attackers as there are defenders assigned to the guild.

Each guild receives one chance to declare a guild battle once Monday arrives. Once that chance is used up, it takes 12 hours to receive another chance to declare a battle. If the charges are not used, the guild will accumulated up to a maximum of 6 attacking chances. If all charges are continuously used, guilds may have up to a total of 12 chances to attack per week.

Additionally, by going to Guild Battle map -> Member -> Reserve Guild Battle (Cogwheel button), two features are available to use by the Guild Masters and Vice Masters :

Guild Battle Reservation

  • It's a feature that reserves a Guild battle registration automatically with the defense members that were placed in the previous week.

Auto Battle Start (12h)

  • It's a feature that starts a Guild Battle automatically every 12 hours. The next battle start time will be refreshed when you start a battle manually while using the Auto Battle Start feature. Attack members of the previous Guild Battle will be set as members to enter the auto battle. The Auto Battle Start will be cancelled when there are less than 10 attacking Guild Members or has no remaining chances to start the battle.

Individual battlesEdit

At the start of a guild battle, each guild member placed in offense is given 3 swords (chances) to attack opposing guild members, who will each be represented by a tower with a health percentage. Successfully attacking a player will drain that player's health percentage, as well their Guild's total health. Each offensive battle requires a cost of 10 energy along with 1 sword. Attacking guild members cannot attack the same opponent again during the guild battle.

Individual battles between opposing guild members follows similar rules to Arena combat. Each individual battle among guild members consist of two rounds of 3-on-3 combat. For both offense and defense battles, players have to bring two teams of up to 3 monsters per team. Defending players will have their monsters controlled by the AI.

Players cannot have duplicate monsters in both their teams (i.e. two Archangel (Water) or two Lushens are not allowed). Monsters killed in battles cannot be used again in the guild battle until the current guild battle ends. If the match is forfeited before a monster dies, the monster is not counted as dead and can be reused.

When a guild member wins a round of battle, 30% of their current HP (minimum 10% of their max HP) is deducted. If a match ends in a draw, the defending player loses only 5% of their maximum HP. When a defending guild member loses HP, their guild also loses a proportional amount of its own HP.


1436861577197 406

Guild HP requirement with more defenders

Attacking guilds can win their guild battle by successfully dropping opposing guilds' HP to a certain percentage determined by the difference in guild members between the attacking and defending guild. If the number of attackers and defenders are the same, the percentage needed to win is below exactly 30.0%. If there are more defending members than the attackers, the HP percentage target will be higher than 30%. If the defending guild has a lower number of members, the target will be less than 30%.

If the difference in number of guild members is 6 or more, then members on the defending side will be excluded from the battle to lower the gap down to 5 members.

If an attacking guild fails to reduce the defending guild's HP to the minimum target amount, then victory will go to the defending guild. Attacking guilds have up to 12 hours to achieve victory conditions. The Guild Master or Vice Guild Master can choose to end the guild battle after 20 minutes since declaring the Guild Battle, resulting in either a loss if the HP target is not met, or a victory if the HP target is reached.


Each Guild will have a certain rating which indicates their rank for the week. This rating starts at 1000 for each guild, and increases when a guild battle is won, either on offense or defense, and decreases when a battle has been lost. Guilds are ranked based on their rating, from highest to lowest, and divided into tiers. Guild rank ratings will reset every two weeks.

Guild tier Rank
Legendary Guild Legendary Rank 1
Guardian 3 Guild Guardian III 2 - 50
Guardian 2 Guild Guardian II 51 - 100
Guardian 1 Guild Guardian I Top ~10%
Conqueror 3 Guild Conqueror III Top ~15%
Conqueror 2 Guild Conqueror II Top ~20%
Conqueror 1 Guild Conqueror I Top ~30%
Challenger 3 Guild Fighter III Top ~40%
Challenger 2 Guild Fighter II Top ~50%
Challenger 1 Guild Fighter I Top ~70%
Beginner Guild Challenger Top ~100%



Attacking players who win their individual battles will receive 3-6 Guild Points for each round won, depending on the rank of the guild.

Grade Guild Points/win Guild Point
Guild rank legendary
Legend +6
Guild rank guardian
Guardian I, II, III +6
Guild rank conqueror
Conqueror I, II, III +5
Guild rank challenger
Fighter I, II, III +4
Guild rank beginner
Challenger +3

Additionally, a bonus amount of up to 3 Guild Points may be rewarded for winning, depending on the individual rank of opposing guild members within their guild

Successfully defending against an opponent will also award points, with 1 Guild Point awarded for each round won. A draw will also earn points, for both attacking and defending players, with 1 Guild Point awarded for each round that ends in a draw.

Additionally, players will also receive Guild Points if their guild successfully wins a battle. A large amount of guild points is awarded to all members of guilds (including those that didn't participate) if a battle is won on offense, which is the number of guild points won with a bonus of 10 guild points, and a 10 points is awarded if the guild successfully defends against an attack. 10,000 Mana Stones are also awarded to every member when an attacking guild achieves victory.


At the end of each week, at 11 PM (PST) of each Saturday, a certain amount of Summoning Stones will be awarded to guilds, with the amount depending on the tier rank of the guild as well as the number of attackers for the week.

The stones are distributed among all guild members depending on their proportion of Guild Points contributed in guild battles that week. No stones are awarded if a guild member has not participated. Guilds that have not won a single battle in a week will be excluded from weekly rewards.

#Participants 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Rank Summoning Stones Summoning Stones Summoning Stones
Legendary 3000 3330 3670 4020 4370 4730 5090 5460 5830 6210 6600 6990 7390 7800 8630
Guardian III 2250 2500 2750 3010 3280 3540 3820 4090 4370 4660 4950 5240 5540 5850 6470
Guardian II 1750 1940 2140 2340 2550 2760 2970 3180 3400 3620 3850 4080 4310 4550 5030
Guardian I 1250 1390 1530 1670 1820 1970 2120 2270 2430 2590 2750 2910 3080 3250 3590
Conqueror III 1000 1110 1220 1340 1460 1580 1700 1820 1940 2070 2200 2330 2460 2600 2880
Conqueror II 750 830 920 1000 1090 1180 1270 1360 1460 1550 1650 1750 1850 1950 2160
Conqueror I 500 560 610 670 730 790 850 910 970 1040 1100 1170 1230 1300 1440
Fighter III 380 420 460 500 550 590 640 680 730 780 830 870 920 970 1080
Fighter II 200 220 240 270 290 320 340 360 390 410 440 470 490 520 580
Fighter I 150 170 180 200 220 240 250 270 290 310 330 350 370 390 430
Challenger 100 110 120 130 150 160 170 180 190 210 220 230 250 260 290

In other languageEdit

English Guild Battle
Korean 길드전
Japanese ギルドバトルGirudo Batoru
Traditional Chinese公會戰
Simplified Chinese 公会战
French Combat de guilde
German Gildenkampf
Russian Битва Гильдий
Portuguese Batalha de Grupos
Spanish Batalla de Gremios
Indonesian Guild Battle
Malay Pertempuran Persatuan
Vietnamese Trận Đấu Bang Hội
Thai สงครามกิลด์

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