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Main QuestEdit

Welcome to Summoners War: Sky Arena! Upon starting the game, players will be introduced to their Guide, Ellia. She will teach players about the basics of the game as well as give you main quests. These main quests can be found on the left hand side of the game, right below the Events Icon.

Main quests are quests that will forward the story progression and will unlock many of the new areas in the Battle Map. To gain access to the best parts of the Map, players will have to complete the main quests in order to unlock them.


Monsters are the main aspect of the game. They are little creatures that live on the island. Monsters can battle for players, which will usually provide players with some rewards upon winning a battle.

Monsters are graded by two criteria: Grade (number of Stars) and Level. In general, the higher the grade or level, the stronger the monster. Note that this is not necessarily true.

The strength of monsters also depend on its Type as well as runes. Runes will be explained in the following section.

Monsters are mainly obtained from Summoning, with some few exceptions. For a complete list, visit this page.


Runes are equipment that can provide boosts to monsters upon equip. Runes are categorized into sets. When a certain number of runes of the same set is equipped, they provide a bonus, known as the Set Effect.

Runes can be found everywhere in the game. For a complete list of locations to obtain runes, visit this page.

Runes are also a main aspect of the game, as they could be used for different strategies. There is no best rune setup for a monster. It all depends on the player's strategy.

For advice on rune builds, please visit the individual monster pages. The list of all monsters can be found here. Alternatively, the search button can be used.


The Arena will be unlocked after completing the tutorial on Garen Forest. It is the place where players are pitted against each other. By winning Arena Battles, players are awarded with Glory Points, a useful resource that can be used in purchasing and upgrading buildings as well as buying monsters and scrolls.

Players are ranked based on Arena Points. The higher the Arena Points, the higher your rank. The Arena currently uses a Tier (or League) system. Players of similar ranks are grouped in the same tier. Every week, ranks are tallied, Arena refreshes, and the Weekly Rewards for each tier are given out to players.


There are a few main currencies in the game.

List of currencies
Currency name Usage
Mana Stone Mana Stone Power-up monsters, Summoning monsters, Power-up runes, Buildings, Magic Shop
Crystal Crystal Premium currency. Can be used to purchase other currencies.
Glory Points Glory Point Used in Glory Shop.
Guild War Points Guild Point Used in Guild Shop.
Arena Invitation Arena Invitation Used to start Arena battles.
Energy Energy Used to start regular battles: scenarios, Cairos dungeons, guild battles, trial of ascension, rift / raids.


Buildings are structures that serve a specific purpose. The benefits of buildings varies. Some can provide players with a boost in battles, whereas other buildings can provide players with more resources.

The complete list of all buildings can be found here.

Daily Missions, Quests and AchievementsEdit

In addition to the Main Quest, there are also Daily Missions, Missions and Achievements. Upon completion, Daily Missions provide players with 10 crystals in total. Daily Missions, along with Missions, are a good way of getting crystals for F2P players. Achievements are generally much harder than Daily Missions and Missions, but they provide much better and rarer rewards.

Cairos DungeonEdit

Main article: Cairos DungeonCairos is composed of a number of smaller dungeons. It is unlocked after clearing Kabir Ruins in the main quest. The Cairos dungeons are harder than the scenario areas in the Battle Map, and hold some of the best runes and items in the whole game.

For the dungeons in Cairos Dungeon (excluding Secret Dungeon), 5 crystals are awarded to players after the first time each stage is cleared.

Trial of AscensionEdit

Main article: Trial of AscensionSometimes referred to as the Tower of Ascension because it looks like a tower. :) The Trial of Ascension is a 100-stage dungeon that is unlocked after players reach Level 15. It is arguably the hardest dungeon. At every 10 stages, a monster boss is waiting. Players are awarded with great rewards upon defeating the boss. The dungeon has two modes, Normal and Hard; each can be completed separately for twice the rewards.

This is the only part of the game where a player can obtain a guaranteed source of Scroll of Light & Darkness after clearing the 3 achievements, clearing the 90th Floor.

Trial of Ascension is also a known source to obtain a Legendary Scroll. It is awarded to players upon clearing the 100th Floor.

Rift of WorldsEdit

Main article: Rift of Worlds

World Boss Edit

Main article: World Boss

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