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This pages gives an overview of how skill damage is calculated in Summoners War.


Damage calculations in Summoners War are conducted in two phases: skill damage calculation, and damage reduction calculation. Skill damage calculations involve factoring in various factors like stats and multipliers, while the damage reduction phase takes the raw damage of a skill and reduces it based on the defense of the monster being attacked.

Skill damage calculation[]

The following is a basic formula for damage calculations for any given skill:

  • Total Stat
    • This represents the total amount of the stat which the skill scales off of. For most skills, this stat would be attack. However, there are monsters whose skills scale off of HP or Defense instead.
  • Multiplier
    • Every damaging skill in the game possesses an inherent multiplier. This multiplier essentially determines the damage potential of a skill. This number can be found on each respective monster's page.

As one can see, the base damage of a skill is a function of a monster's total stat and the multiplier for the given skill. For instance, Laika possess a base attack of 834 when powered up to level 40. His first skill possesses a multiplier of 430%. To determine the base damage of his first skill, one need only multiply the two numbers together. This yields a base damage of around 3586.

However, this does not take into account critical damage, the bonus damage which comes from a critical hit. The following is the formula when critical damage is taken into account.

Following up from Laika's example, we would simply need to multiply the base damage of his first skill with his critical damage plus 100 to determine the skill's damage after critical damage has taken place. If we assume that his critical damage is the base 50% given to all monsters, this would lead to a total damage of 5379 (3586 x 1.5). This number does not take skill ups into account however. To factor in skill-ups, we need only add in skill-ups into the same bracket as critical damage. This leads us to the final formula:

It is important to note that monster skill ups are in fact additive. That means one need only add up the bonuses together when factoring them in. Following up from the example, we would only need to factor in an extra 30% assuming Laika's first skill is maxed out. This would lead to us multiplying 3586 in base damage earlier with 180% or 1.8 ((100% + 30% + 50%) or (1 + 0.3 + 0.5)). This would lead to a final damage output of 6455 (numbers are rounded in Summoners War).

External damage bonuses[]

For the purposes of damage calculation, the following external sources of buffs apply to base stats of monsters:

The following external effects apply to the total stats of a monster:

Damage reduction calculation[]

Once raw damage has been calculated, damage goes through a reduction phase determined by the amount of defense an opposing monster has, as well as the presence damage reduction effects from passives. The damage reduction formula is as follows:

After the factor is found, one can simply perform a straight multiplication of it with the raw damage output to receive a close approximation of the final damage output of a monster. For instance, using the example in previous sections, if we assume that Laika's raw damage output of 6455 is matched against a monster with 2000 defense, we would only need to multiply his damage with a reduction factor of 0.12 to receive a final damage output of 793.

One important thing to note is that there is an inherent damage reduction factor of 1000/1140 that takes place even if the opposing monster has 0 defense. That means even monsters with defense ignoring skills will still experience some damage reduction.