Energy is required in order to participate in most aspects of the game. It is required in order to participate in Scenario areas, and in Dungeons. The amount of energy required in these areas depends on the stages, with higher stages requiring more energy than lower stages.

Energy regenerates at a rate of 1 Energy per 5 minute, and will continue to regenerate until the maximum amount is reached. The Mysterious Plant provides increased energy regeneration rate, up to 30%. Small amounts of energy can also be obtained as random drops from Scenario areas, Dungeons, Arena, and the Trial of Ascension.

Max energy is player level times 2 plus 40. A level 50 player, for example, will have (50 x 2) + 40 = 140 max energy. The max energy can be further increased by a few other methods. Fully upgrading the Sanctum of Energy will yield an additional 20 max energy. After clearing the Hall of Magic B10, Giant's Keep B10, Dragon's Lair B10, and Necropolis B10, a player can build their respective statues from the Craft Building. Each statue increases the max energy by another increment of 10. Lastly, a player can purchase the Daily Pack I from the Efficient shop for $4.99 USD. This pack increases the max energy by another 10 energy for 15 days. The maximum energy for a Free to Play player is 200 while those who make in-app purchases can have a max energy of 210.

Players can also use 30 Crystals to recharge the MAX Energy you have. For example, if a player has 70 max Energy and recharges when he has 5 Energy left, he will get 70 more energy for a total of 75 / 70 Energy. 60 crystals can be used to recharge 190 energy.

How to get energy[edit | edit source]

  • Normal energy regeneration: 1 energy per 5 minutes, improved by Mysterious Plant
  • Cash shop: 90 energy refill for 30 crystals, 190 energy refill for 60 crystals, 20 energy refill for 500 social points
  • Special events
  • Daily Energy Gift: 20 energy, available twice every day, from 7am~10am, and from 5pm~8pm。Double on Monday
  • Monthly Event (days 3, 9, 15)
  • Daily Mission: 30 energy for mission Head to Head
  • Tiny chance to get one energy any time you defeat a monster in arena, scenario, or dungeon
  • Temple of Wishes
  • Trial of Ascension: 50 energy for stage 10
  • Achievements

How to spend energy[edit | edit source]

In other language[edit | edit source]

English Energy
Korean 에너지
Japanese エネルギー
Traditional Chinese能量
Simplified Chinese 能量
French Energie
German Energie
Russian Энергия
Portuguese Energia
Spanish Energía
Indonesian Energy
Malay Tenaga
Vietnamese Năng Lượng
Thai พลังงาน
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