Enchanted Gems are special items which can be used to replace an existing sub-stat of the player's choice on a Runes with another one. Which sub-stat is used as the replacement depends on the Gem itself. The magnitude of the new sub-stat is based on the Grade level of the Gem, with each one possessing five different grades.

Runes must be powered up to at least +12 before an Enchanted Gem can be used on it. Only one sub-stat on each Rune can be replaced. Enchanted Gems were originally only available as a reward drop from defeating a Raid boss in the Rift of Worlds. However, the Enchanted gems for runes Fight, Determination, Enhance, Accuracy, and Tolerance are now available as a reward from Rift Beasts.


Each Enchanted Gems possesses a grade level, which is similar to the rarity of Runes. However, unlike Runes, the grade of a Gem cannot be increased any further, and is instead fixed. There are five different grades:

  • Icon Enchanted Gem Common Common (R1-R2)
  • Icon Enchanted Gem Magic Magic (R1-R3)
  • Icon Enchanted Gem Rare Rare (R2-R5)
  • Icon Enchanted Gem Hero Hero (R3-R5)
  • Icon Enchanted Gem Legendary Legendary (R4-R5)

The magnitude of the new sub-stat is based on the grade of the Gem, with Legendary Gems offering the highest stat, and Common Gems offering the lowest. The following table illustrates the minimum and maximum bonuses for each grade level[1].

Enchanted Gems Magic Rare Hero Legend
ATK%/DEF%/HP% 3-7% 5-9% 7-11% 9-13%
ATK/DEF (flat) 10-16 15-23 20-30 28-40
HP (flat) 130-220200-310 290-420400-580
SPD 2-4 3-6 5-8 7-10
C.RATE 2-4% 3-5% 4-7% 6-9%
C.DMG 3-5% 4-6% 5-8% 7-10%
ACC/RES 3-6% 5-8% 6-9% 8-11%

Replacing a sub-statEdit

To replace a sub-stat on an existing Rune, players need only select the appropriate stat in the Rune enhancement window. Once a sub-stat has been replaced, the Gem will disappear. Only one sub-stat per Rune can be replaced using a Gem. However, players may still use other Gems to replace the new sub-stat with another one.

If the sub-stat being replaced has been increased through regular Rune power-ups, that increase will not be transferred to the new sub-stat. Additionally, players cannot replace a sub-stat to one matching the main stat on a Rune (e.g. replacing an attack percentage sub-stat with an HP percentage one on a rune with HP percentage as the main stat will not be allowed).

Some unforseen sub-stats may appear when replacing an existing sub-stat with another one using Gems.

Immemorial GemEdit

Icon Immemorial Gem
An Immemorial Gem works similar to regular Enchanted Gems, with the only difference being that they can be used on any rune type. They can only be obtained from Tartarus' Labyrinth.

In other languageEdit

English Enchanted Gem
Korean 마력깃든 보석
Japanese ジェムJemu
Traditional Chinese精魔石
Simplified Chinese 蕴涵魔力的宝石
French Gemme d'enchantement
German Verzauberte Juwelen
Russian Магический алмаз
Portuguese Gem Encantada
Spanish Gema de Hechizo
Indonesian Enchanted Gem
Malay Permata Penyihiran
Vietnamese Gem Đã Yểm Bùa
Thai อัญมณี อัพเกรด


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