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Dimensional Rift is a portal that opens daily beside random scenario regions after you have completed all Scenarios in normal difficulty. In addition to energy, the Dimensional Rift requires one Dimensional Crystal to enter each time. 3 Dimensional Crystals can be obtained once per day by logging into the game and collecting the reward from the "Start of the Day" Daily Mission.

Clearing the Dimensional Rift for the first time unlocks the World Boss event.

The battles consist of 5 waves in total. Upon clearing them, "You will be able to earn a massive amount of Mana Stones and XP at the same time."


  • You can bring up to 5 monsters per entry.
  • Unlike Scenario maps, you cannot get help from friends in the dimensional rift.
  • Double experience from the EXP Boosters and events work with this area.

Experience and Mana

Difficulty Total Experience Point.png Experience Point.png Per Monster Total Mana Mana Stone.png
Normal 29,025 (1,451/ Energy.png) 5805 x5 (290/ Energy.png) 12k-15k (~750/ Energy.png)
Hard 151,350 (5045/ Energy.png) 30,270 x5 (1009/ Energy.png) 22k-27k (~850/ Energy.png)
  • This area provides fully 90% of the XP per monster per energy compared to Faimon Volcano Hell. - This is not true, if you bring equal number of mons. The Table tells it - here overall XP is 1756/energy, Faimon Hell is 1560/energy - depending on how many mons you bring, you further dilute this number (You can only bring 4 into Faimon, 5 into Rift). Bringing 4 into Dimension Rift as you'd bring into Faimon, you get about 112% of the XP you get in Faimon. True - you cannot use Reps in Rift.
  • This area provides less Mana per energy than later scenario maps such as Faimon Volcano when Mana from selling runes is included.
  • However, it is much much faster. And depending on the location of the rift, perhaps easier to solo.
  • Dimensional Rift is best farmed when no Rep-mons are available to carry your fodder. Keep in mind that normal Scenario drops fodder monsters, making Dimensional Rift less valuable over time. If fodder monsters aren't in your interest, Dimensional Rift is a good place to quickly level up your monsters.

Leveling Efficiency

Let's assume that you need to level up your monsters. Which one of Faimon Volcano (Hell) and Dimensional Rift (Hard) is more efficient? Simple math will vanish all debates on which farm zone is better. This article is only about experience. The author doesn't care about mana/fodder/runes.


  • e = energy.
  • c = crystal.
  • d = dimensional crystal.
  • x = experience.


  • 90e = 30c  =>  1e = 1/3c.
  • 5d = 100c  =>  1d = 20c.

Table description:

  • 1st row shows how much exp you get from each zone in total.
  • 2nd and 3rd rows assume that you have enough energy and dimensional crystals (i.e. you don'n need to refill them). Note: using friends' reps goes into "without farmer" row since you don't lose any exp.
  • 4th and 5th rows shows how much energy you get per every crystall you spent on refilling energy and/or dimensional crystals.
Scenario Rift Faimon
Total exp 151,350x 10,920x
Per energy without farmer 151,350x / 30e = 5,045x/e 10,920x / 5e = 2,184x/e
Per energy with farmer 5,045x/e * 0.8 = 4,036x/e 2,184x/e * 0,75 = 1,638x/e
Per crystal using refills without farmer 151,350x / (1d + 30e) = 151,350x / (20c + 10c) = 5,045x/c 10,920x / 5e = 10,920x / 5/3c = 6,552x
Per crystal using refills with farmer 5,045x/c * 0.8 = 4,036x/c 6,552x/c * 0.75 = 4,989x/c


  • If you have unused dimensional crystals - use them right now.
  • If you are leveling monster that can clear rift but can't faimon - buy dimensional crystals. It gives you 1.1% more exp (sic!) and is faster than doing 6 faimon runs.
  • Otherwise, switch to faimon as soon as you run out of dimensional crystals.

Dimensional Rift Areas

Normal Mode monsters are below lvl35 while Hard mode monsters are lvl40. Like scenario maps, the monsters appear in random combinations for each wave.


  • During the Halloween Candy event in 2015, there was a chance to get Halloween candies from these maps.

In other language

English Dimensional Rift
Korean 차원 균열
Japanese 次元の裂け目
Traditional Chinese次元裂縫
Simplified Chinese 次元裂缝
French Crevasse des dimensions
German Dimensionsriss
Russian Раскол Измерений
Portuguese Fenda Dimensional
Spanish Grieta de Dimenciones
Indonesian Dimensional Rift
Malay Keretakan Dimensi
Vietnamese Rãnh Quỷ Đa Chiều
Thai รอยแยกมิติ
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