Critical Rate, abbreviated in-game as CRI Rate, is the probability of landing a Critical Hit. All monsters start out with a base critical rate of 15%, and this can be increased by Runes, Critical Rate Buff, Leader Skills, Attribute Advantage, or an awakening bonus. Some skills include a bonus to crit rate, which may apply only to that attack. 

Runes[edit | edit source]

Among all slots, only slot 4 runes can raise the critical rate as a primary attribute. Any other runes can have a "Mortal" prefix, increasing the critical rate from anywhere between 1% to 6%. Rune can also gain additional critical rate sub-stats when powered up. 

Critical rate can also be increased through equipping Blade Runes, a 2-set rune. For every 2 Blade Runes equipped, the monster gains an additional 12% critical rate as a set effect.

Result of a critical hit[edit | edit source]

When a hit is determined to be a crit, then the damage is raised by an extra amount equal to the Critical Damage bonus. For example, if the attacker's CRI Dmg attribute is 50%, and a normal hit would have done 1500 damage against the defender, then a Critical Hit instead will deal 1500 + (1500*50%) = 2250 damage.

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