The following is a listing of various websites and resource pages related to Summoners War: Sky Arena which players may find useful. If you would like to add a site here, simply leave a link in the appropriate section, along with a short description of the site or page.

Official sitesEdit

  • HIVE Mobile
    • Com2uS' official site for the game. Features general information, as well as announcements and updates on the game.
  • Official Com2uS Forum
    • The official Com2uS forum for Summoners War. Features an active community, and is also one of the places for official announcements from Com2uS.
  • Official Facebook Page
    • Com2uS' official Facebook page, and also the channel for official announcements related to the game.
  • Com2uS HIVE Support
    • Official online customer support form for inquiries related to all HIVE games (including Summoners War).

Fan sitesEdit

  • Summoners War Ratings Guide
    • Fan site with searchable database of monsters. Provides user ratings of various monsters, as well as rune setups, and various guides and tips.
  • Summoners War Guides
    • Another fan site providing monster guides and rune setups. Also features a searchable monster database. Many guides are written by well-known Youtubers.
  • Summoners War Monsters
    • Another fan site providing monster guides and rune setups.
  • Golems War
    • Summoners War fan site with database of monsters, runes, profiles and more.


  • Reddit
    • A subreddit forum for Summoners War. Features an active community and daily monster discussions. Also a gathering place for those interested in unveiling all of the mysteries of the game.
  • App Invasion Forum
    • Reasonably active forum from App Invasion.
  • Summoners War Fan Forum
    • Another Fan Forum for Summoners War.


  • International Facebook Group
    • An unofficial international gamer group for Summoners War, where many of the best players gather. Tips and guides available, with man helpful users.

Player guidesEdit

General guidesEdit

Monster guidesEdit

  • 1-2★ Monster Guide
    • A general guide from to help sort through the abundance of low grade monsters, including an overview of what to keep.
  • 3-5★ Monster Guide
    • Another general guide from, this time on the rest of the monsters.

Rift of Worlds guidesEdit

  • A Step-by-Step Guide for Choosing Your First Raid Team
    • A general guide by jx9 for players just starting out and looking to start raiding in the Rift of Worlds.
  • In-depth Raid Guide
    • A more in-depth guide written from the perspective of a high-end player (Syntac). Details things like stat requirements and more. A good starting point for all 5 levels of the Rift of Worlds.
  • Advanced Guide to Rift DPS
    • Another in-depth guide from the perspective of a high-end player (Kazuto111), this time focusing on increasing DPS in the toughest stage of the Rift.
  • Extirpative's R5 Guide
    • Another R5 guide, this time focusing more on specific team and monster choices.
  • Raid Team Templates
    • A raid guide by CodzillaEU outlining general team comps for tackling Raids, based on each stage of the game.

Rift Beasts guidesEdit

Dungeon guidesEdit

  • General B10 Team Building Guide
    • A general guide for tackling the hardest floors of the rune dungeons, and moving toward high end rune farming.
  • GB10 Guide
    • A guide by Spongebuddy outlining beginner and mid-game teams for GB10.
  • GB10 Speed Tuning Guide
    • A guide specifically dedicated to speed tuning GB10 teams, specifically for more mid-end teams rather than beginner or advanced speed teams.
  • F2P DB10 Speed Team
    • A guide to tackling DB10 quickly using easily obtainable monsters.
  • 1 minute DB10 Guide
    • A guide by zanderfever outlining how to compose a team that can tackle DB10 in a minute or less.
  • Nysra's Necropolis B10 Guide
    • A comprehensive guide to farming NB10, including team strategies and recommended monsters.
  • Beginner's NB10 Guide
    • A video guide by ShreddedPuzzle outlining how to tackle NB10 at the beginner's stage.

TOA GuidesEdit

  • TOAH 93 guide
    • A guide by Raigoku specifically dedicated to formulating an easy and viable team that's easily obtainable, and can tackle by far the hardest stage in Trial of Ascension (Hard) fairly well.
  • Full Auto TOAN Guide
    • A quick guide by Chief_Zamor outlining team comps for autoing Trial of Ascension (Normal).
  • TOAH Guide
    • A guide by y iminstudio outlining general strategies and team comps for tackling both variants of the Trial of Ascension (Hard).
  • TOA Full Guide
    • A comprehensive guide by Reafi outlining how to tackle TOA, both the Normal and Hard versions.

PVP guidesEdit

Monster guidesEdit

  • Pungbaek Guide
    • A guide by KirinHaven going over the strengths and weaknesses of Pungbaek, how to rune him, and where to use him.
  • Eladriel Guide
    • A comprehensive guide by Xaania25 detailing strengths and weaknesses of Eladriel, how to rune him, and where to use him.
  • Leo Guide
    • A comprehensive guide by Xaania25 detailing strengths and weaknesses of Leo, how to rune him, and where to use him.
  • Chak/Boom Synergies, Uses, and Ratings
    • A comprehensive guide by LedgeEndDairy outlining potential synergies and uses for the new twin monsters.

Data Edit

  • PvE Unit Info
    • General spreadsheet overview of all monsters in the game.
  • SWData
    • Datamined skill multipliers for every monster.
    • Statistics on dungeon drops, and also summon rates.


  • SW Exporter
    • Used for exporting your SW data into a handy profile download. Can be used with other third party apps.
  • SW Rune Optimizer
    • Handy web based optimizer for finding the optimal rune setups for monsters. Data can be added in manually or imported from SW Exporter.
  • Win10 SW Rune Optimizer
    • Windows 10 app based on web optimizer. Runs faster and can be used offline.
  • Event Google Calendar
    • A Google developed online calendar displaying when in-game events take place. Created by user reidzeibel_ from Reddit.
    • Website dedicated to compiling user collected data for drop rates and other things related to the game. Users can create an online profile to share monster teams and setups with other users. Profile data can be added manually, or by importing from SW Exporter.
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