• TenPainter


    December 15, 2018 by TenPainter

    I have finally fusion a Ifrit dark elemant :)

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  • Waaaaaaaaaasuup

    Super Angelmon

    October 25, 2018 by Waaaaaaaaaasuup

    When should you use super Angelmon?

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  • JohnGottiNFG

    If you’re a mid-game player, on GLOBAL SERVER, that ranks fighter 1 or higher in arena and possess a minimum of 10 Nat 5’s OR 15 monsters maxed at 6 stars. You’re eligible to join the guild known as M.G.K. (Mid-Game Kings)

    M.G.K. is a guild for all us underrated, forgotten, and slept on mid-game players, when really.. we’re a force to reckoned with. It’s the mid-gamers time to shine and host a hostile takeover of Summoners War.

    Message “JohnGottiNFG” @ KIK for KIK and Discord chat groups.
    Joining the guild is FREE as long as you rank Fighter, you can join, but if you recently join.. be sure to have your monsters out of storage to <u>verify you have the minimum standards</u> or you will be removed within 1 week.

    And remember, “Don’t underestimate t…

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  • Rayndest

    Improvement in DG's

    July 6, 2018 by Rayndest

    Hi, I came here thinking something interesting to improve the game, it is something that already exists in other areas, but it would be very interesting if I had the farm as well.
    It is basically a replay system for the DG's, because sometimes it ends up failing and we do not know why, as soon as it had a replay system there, we could better analyze the goings in the phases. 

    I hope the idea pleases you,

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  • Extremebr00


    June 7, 2018 by Extremebr00

    Hi, I'm new to the game and I need help to spend some parts of the game, anyone who can add me to use the monsters would help a lot.

    My nick in the game: Extremebr00​​​​

    Server: Global

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  • Beboper

    Howdy folks!

    Welcome to a new issue of the SW Wiki Newsletter, Best of 2017 edition! It's been a while since the last one was released (over a year now), but I'm happy to say that regular editions of our newsletter are one step closer to returning! I'm in the process of finalizing how I want future editions of the newsletter to look like (with the biggest change likely being the release schedule).

    But in the mean time, I'm here to bring you a very special compilation edition! Over the next few months, I'll be collecting and compiling some of the most noteworthy things to hit the SW community (art, guides, news, etc) during the course of 2017! The compilation edition will be divided into parts in order to cover as much of the past year as pos…

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  • Occultboy21

    Hi! Im new to the Wiki, and I'm gonna be bouncing around editing a few monster pages that have Grammar Annoyances/Mispelled words, as well as some other monster related things.

    Just wanted to know: Is anybody still active? A lot of this Wiki's activity seemed to die down :/

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  • Paranoxy

    With the recent update, the "craft only" runes are a lot more available than before. I've decided to read up on them, and to see where I'd use them most. Important to note is that I kinda steered away from the common path as I had as many 5 stars as levels at one point. So my early game was really easy. For example, I never, ever, used Shannon. And never will.

    I'm not much of a PVP'er so I'm mainly focussing on PVE.

    Rune page.

    Outside of the box, common 3 stars:

    Bernard, the super chicken

    Bernard is a staple mon, everyone has one. This is logical, he brings so much to the table that he's nearly impossible to get around. Commonly found Swift/anything.

    Bernard has a support role, speed up the team with an att-bar buff and 2 round Spd Buff combined…

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  • WiseCyan

    I like experimenting and deviating from common paths. Because of that and due to circumstances on an alternate account of mine, I was thinking of how to build a team that would be able to clear GB10, farm some runes and later move on to DB10 without having to build new monsters. As such, water monsters come into mind. Please feel free to discuss the following team comp I came up with:

    (Please bear in mind, that I am still conducting this experiment and that by no means I promise that this team will come up to the expectations I have. However, I see no reason as to why it should be unable to do so. At the bottom of this blog entry, I will let you know once I have everything tested out.)

    Icaru (Lead) Mao Shailoq Julie Chilling

    Spd / HP / HP Spd…

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  • Marauder-sp

    SWSA Glossary

    May 5, 2017 by Marauder-sp

    I have noticed that we don't have a Glossary in this Wiki and, as many newcomers can easily notice, we use a lot of really weird and specific terms. Therefore, I will use this post to build a glossary and grow it with whatever term I find or get suggested.

    My intention is to grow this to become more than awesome, however this is a work in progress so, if you really need a glossary that is already awesome I suggest to you refer to this guide in Reddit.

    AD : Arena Defense

    AO : Arena Offense

    AOE or AoE : Area of Effect : RPG lingo, refers to skills that produce damage or apply effects to characters (enemies or allies) on an area of the scenario rather than on a particular character. In SWSA (where there are no scenario areas as such) we use it to re…

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  • Merrill Sagat

    Quiz special event

    April 27, 2017 by Merrill Sagat

    You get the same rewards, whether or not you answer the quiz questions correctly.

    Here is a list of the questions and answers I've gotten so far, copied from the Event page "My Answer Sheet" which literally tells you all the questions and answers you've gotten so far.

    • Q. The Awakened version of Fire Dragon is called, "T-rex".
      • False (X). The Awakened version of Fire Dragon is called, Zaiross.
    • Q. Monster Imp can be Awakened to Imp Champion.
      • False (X). Imp and Imp Champion are two different Monsters!
    • Q. All Runes can be Powered-up up to +12.
      • False (X). All Runes can be Powered-up up to +15.
      • You might notice this question suffers from what I assume is a translation error.  They meant to say "only up to +12."
    • Q. The Awakened version of Light Barbaric Kin…
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  • CodzillaEU

    RTA Teams

    March 20, 2017 by CodzillaEU

    i was wondering how everyones rta was working out im loving this update :D

    im currently f1 pushing up on f2 :3

    main teams i use are: Bernard 5*(swift broken spd cd fdef), Lotte 5*(dispair broken spd cd hp), Seara(vio focus spd atk atk), Asima(dispair will spd cd atk), verde(vio will spd cd atk).

    and: Seara, Camilla (vio nem hp cd hp), Praha(nem nem will spd hp hp), Theo(Vio will spd cd hp), Emma(vio nem spd hp hp)

    i was wondering what you guys used and what you think of the update in general :D

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  • CodzillaEU

    FRR Goals :D

    March 3, 2017 by CodzillaEU

    So with FRR coming up again what do you guys want to reach.

    i think posting here and seeing what other people post will help you reach/find your goals so you dont let frr fly by.

    my primary goal will be making a cleave AO (Galleon, Praha, Asima, Amir)

    my other goal will be the saddening 'trying to get my bernard 2 spd faster by stripping half my dungeon teams'

    and if that is done i will try improving my r5 speed team.

    What are your goals?

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  • Skyranz

    Comment please :)

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  • Hollycran

    It happened

    February 23, 2017 by Hollycran
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  • CodzillaEU

    hey guys this guide is going to be focused on toa normal however most of these teams will also work in toah however the will need alot more speed and for later teams damage.

    Starter toa team (floors):                                                                          CC, CC, Heal, Slow, atkb increase

    Starter toa team (floors) suggestions:                                                      Baretta, vero, bella, shannon, bernard

    Starter toa team (floors) stats:                                                                  make sure the atkb increase is alot faster than the team or just slower to get the maximum effect. all mons should have 17k hp and ~800 def having all mons at 150-170 spd

    Starter toa team (bosses):                   …

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  • Xepso

    FRR Madness List

    February 3, 2017 by Xepso

    A rough list of things I will attempt to do during FRR.


    Xiao Lin -> Vamp

    Xiong Fei -> remove vio, put w/e

    Dias -> try to revenge

    Lisa -> increase speed

    Mihyang -> more tankyness

    Colleen -> increase speed/tankyness/take off vio

    Tarq -> more HP and speed if possible. change to non-violent

    Stella -> more atk if possible slot 5

    Try to create another self-sustain Vamp -> examine possibility of dark lizard as FL sustain.

    Experiment with vamp light drunken

    Shihwa -> DD with some sustain

    GOAL: 2x R5 Teams

    • PVP GOALS*

    Trevor -> more HP

    Velajuel -> swift

    Theo #2 -> more atk, can sacrifice speed

    Copper -> more atk and CD if possible

    Kat -> will if possible

    Homunky -> put some atk runes. base build as though alicia

    Eshir -> more speed

    Bulldozer -> more CD. try…

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  • CodzillaEU

    The first Hellhound i will be talking about is Sieq,

    the hellhound that you get for free when you start the game. This monster is very often overlooked for that reason but he has a fairly big roll in mid-late game. this role is that he is amazing as a support for lushen teams like: (bernard sieq lushen lushen). in this team bringing sieq is better than say as he buffs crit rate and can put out damage to finish off units the lushens couldnt take out.

    Now the one that made the hellhounds famous, the king of db10: Tarq

    what is there to say this unit will just make your caiross experience faster and safer. he brings massive speed scaling damage, a small selfheal and group hunt. this skill will take 2 teammates to attack decresing their cooldown. …

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  • CodzillaEU

    FRR goals

    February 2, 2017 by CodzillaEU

    Hey everyone with frr coming up i was wondering what goals you set for yourself this frr?

    for me its probaply going to be speeding up my r5 and trying to finish my shield will cleave ao.

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  • Beboper

    Jan 30, 2017 Newsletter

    January 30, 2017 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Hope you enjoyed those extra wishing well wishes while they lasted. I sort of miss the old days when landing on the monster icon actually meant getting a 5-star. These days, the few times I land on the monster icon, it’s usually just awakened 2-star fodder. But the wishes are free, so I suppose one can hardly complain. Ah well.

    Some of you may not be aware, but there seems to be a new wave of account hacking going on. The latest exploit seems to involve changing account emails without the original user’s awareness. Com2uS is apparently investigating this, although they need more evidence to help with their investigation. If you or anyone you know has recently been hacked, send in a support ticket to Com2uS and let them know! See t…

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  • CodzillaEU

    Hey its me again this time with raids, i know i havent done nb10 yet but im more working on my raid so i think this is more appropriate at this time. but that being said lets get into it.

    R4/5 Starter team:                                                                                    FL: Tank, Healer BL: Healer, Cleanser, Cleanser/Healer, DD

    R4/5 Starter team suggestions:                                                                FL: Xiong fei, Chasun BL: Colleen, Dona, Kona, Kro

    R4/5 Starter team stats:                                                                            R4: FL 25K hp, 1000 def R5: 25K hp, 1500 def

    R4/5 Basic team:                                                                                       FL: Utility…

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  • Beboper

    Jan 23, 2017 Newsletter

    January 23, 2017 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    A bunch of people have been complaining about the Artamiel stage in TOA lately. Most veterans probably just blazed through it, but I can see newer players struggling. My only advice is to use the monsters that helped you through TOA previously, because really, Artamiel’s buff only makes him hit harder. It doesn’t change the overall strategy for him. The key is having lots of CC to keep the other monsters down, and to bring helpful debuffs like Attack debuff, defense debuff, and glancing hits. Monsters like Aria, any of the Taoists, etc are really good here. Having a defense buff also helps with survival, so Basalt, Talc, etc are also useful.

    Of course, I’m mostly talking about my approach to the TOAH version, but newer players can…

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  • CodzillaEU

    Rune math

    January 20, 2017 by CodzillaEU

    I can t be the only one that sees a +30 spd sub rune and wonders 'what would be the chance to get it'.

    well today im gonna find out how close you are to getting your own 'god' rune.

    first off spd as the #1 stat in the current meta i think we should look at it first.

    first lets see the chance to get a 6* rune from gb10 this is ~1/5 now ofc we want it to be a swift rune to spice up our atk buffer.

    the chance to get a swift rune is ~1/5 again so the chance to get a 6* swift rune is 1/25.

    now to get a spd sub theres a ~1/10 chance to get a spd sub meaning 1/250 for a 6* swift rune with a spd sub.

    well for your own 30 spd sub you need a 6 spd sub (max roll for 6* rune) this will make it 3* as rare going to 1/750.

    it also needs to be a legend rune for …

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  • CodzillaEU

    Hey guys here is the db10 guide,

    special thanks to:  Xepso, Bedoper, Chat106(eu), AFU's for providing data for this guide.

    DB10 Starter:                                                                         Cleanser, Healer, Healer, Cleanser, Buffer

    DB10 Starter suggestions:                                                     Vero, Belladeon, Colleen, Kona, Megan

    DB10 Starter stats:                                                                 17000 HP, 800 Def, 150 spd

    DB10 1DD:                                                                              DD, Healer, Atkb buffer/slower, Cleanser, Buffer

    DB10 1DD suggertions:                                                          Sigmarus, Belladeon, Spectra, Veromos, Megan

    DB10 1DD stats:  …

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  • Beboper

    Jan 15, 2017 Newsletter

    January 15, 2017 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Hall of Heroes is on right now (as of this writing) and I have to say I’m loving the new changes (I know many of you are too). This game was already a huge grind fest as it is, what with the all the rune farming and EXP grinding and whatnot, so farming skillups in Hall of Heroes was always something I approached with a bit of apathy.

    The fact that I can now get it over with in a few fell swoops is a welcome change to the game. Some of the more savvy veterans won’t be happy, since they’re probably used to farming 11 monsters at a time, but this definitely makes things a lot easier for early and mid-game players. I obviously don’t expect they’ll try and make every element of the game this way, but taking some of the grind out of the…

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  • CodzillaEU

    Hey everyone i just wanted to say this isnt a how to on every team but more of a guide line to get you started.

    it will have some monster suggestions but almost every mon is replace able.

    GB10 Starter:                                                    Cleanser + healer + defbuff + atkb increse + healer

    GB10 Starter suggestions:                                Veromos + Belladeon + Shannon + Bernard + rakaja

    GB10 Starter stats:                                            15.000 HP, 500 Def, 30-45% acc on debuffers

    GB10 1 DD:                                                       Cleanser + healer + defbuff + atkb increse + DD

    GB10 1 DD suggestions:                                   Veromos + Belladeon + Shannon + Bernard + Sigmarus

    GB10 1 DD stats: …

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  • Beboper

    Jan 7, 2017 Newsletter

    January 7, 2017 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Free Rune Removal is upon us again! Be sure to check out some of the free advice featured in this week’s newsletter, since it’ll potentially make your FRR a lot smoother. After all, there’s nothing worse than rerunning everything only to find you made your teams worse!

    You might have noticed that resource update this week. Turns out, we’re getting new Transmogs! See a preview of each of them below, courtesy of ausar999.

    This week, since the new transmogs were leaked early, I thought I’d make them this week’s topic of discussion. Love them? Hate them? Have your say here.

    Looking to maximize this precious day of the month? VΣΠΘM has you covered with this guide, including some helpful hints on getting your teams up and running!

    And if y…

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  • Beboper

    Jan 1, 2017 Newsletter

    January 1, 2017 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    This week’s edition is a little later than usual, but it’s finally here! I thought I’d take a moment to mention that it’s been almost exactly one year since the newsletter first started! Hard to believe I kept this thing going all this time. A lot has changed in the game since then. The wiki is no exception. Though the site has continued to expand its database (in keeping with our goal of being the go to place for basic information), we’ve also had two admin depart. Despite this, I want to reiterate that whatever my current interest level in SW, I’ll always be here to keep things going (at least until the game goes up in flames).

    With that being said, there are still many areas in the wiki that I think could be added to and expand…

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  • Beboper

    December 23 Newsletter

    December 23, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Christmas is just around the corner. Hopefully you were good enough this year for Santa to actually show up on your doorstep (or at least not the worst one around). I know Christmas definitely came early this year for many Summoners War players. Perhaps this is the time for you to get that coveted Tiana or Zaiross you’ve been dreaming of.

    A new patch came out for us this week, and with it came a whole host of skill updates and more! To see if Santa came early this year for your monster, check out our patch notes!

    The new Advanced Pack is out folks! With it comes those new Transcendence Scrolls! If you have some leftover cash just sitting around (you probably don’t) why not take a chance with a guaranteed natural 5-star monster? You…

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  • Beboper

    December 16 Newsletter

    December 16, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Sorry for the late newsletter. Got drunk on Christmas cheer and all that (not really). I hope you managed to get all your Christmas shopping done early, because I’d hate to be that guy who’s busy scouring the stores on Christmas Eve looking for those long sold out goods!

    But of course, why stress out at all about these things? After all, if all this gift giving just makes your life miserable, why not just take a break and relax? Because really, you don’t get many holidays in a year, so why spend one of them fighting with some guy in the store over a coffee maker?

    But that’s enough of my attempts at padding out this feature. On to SW related stuff!

    A new update rolled out this week. This time, Com2uS has brought us a new mentor/mente…

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  • CodzillaEU

    Help DB10 speed comp

    December 13, 2016 by CodzillaEU

    Hey guys im realy stuck on a getting a db10 speed team,

    my gb10 is 1.10 but i cant get a consistent sub 3 min team on db10 :(

    any help is apreciated, im a c1/2 player on europe so my rune quality is ok.

    my 1.40 team is: galleon, tarq,  hwa, verde(L), emma (60%)   that turn order

    my 6*s: Camilla, Galleon, Emma, Theomars, Tarq, WaterHomunculus(BD-), Hwa, Baretta, Colleen, Xoing Fei, Chasun, Lushen, Lushen, Belladeon, Dona, Veromos, Verde.

    Notable 5*:Chilling, Grego, Su, Shumar, Ran

    Let me know if you want to know any more info and i hope you can help :D 

    thanks in advance.

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  • Beboper

    December 8 Newsletter

    December 8, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    It’s December, which means the Christmas/Holidays are upon us! Which means we can all look forward to college crunch time and/or visits from relatives we never knew we had! But at least there’s the holiday break, which means more time on SW (or sleeping, whichever).

    For a limited time, Com2uS is giving out a free Christmas reindeer if you buy the new legendary pack! What does the deer do you say? It brings you the warmth and joy which only a winter animal who pulls around a fat man in a sleigh can bring! That and it munches on your in-game grass I guess.

    This week, I want to know which monsters are your favorites for scenario farming. And while we’re at it, which ones do you think are underrated? Have your say here!

    With the upcomin…

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  • CodzillaEU

    New year summons

    December 6, 2016 by CodzillaEU

    Hey everyone i was planning with a couple friends/guildmates to save up scrolls from now till new years.

    then at 23:00 Middle europe time (UTC +1) new years (yea i understand you cant summon on 00:00 cuz family) everyone summons in chat 1006 and see if someone pulls something.

    let me know if your in.

    Europe: 11

    Global 3

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  • Beboper

    December 1 Newsletter

    December 1, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    It’s time to welcome two new monsters to the Summoners War lineup: Dice Magician and Harp Magician! Since they’re just released, there’s going to be lots of talk, but it remains to seen how they’ll shake up the meta. With time, I’m sure we’ll get a better idea of the new monsters will integrate into lineups, and how they’ll shape future gameplay.

    In case you slept under a rock this week, Com2uS has released a new patch this week! Besides the new monsters, we also have a bunch of new stuff, which you can learn more about here.

    Since I’m lazy, and the patch just unloaded this week, I’m going to highlight last week’s discussion again!

    Now that they’re released, what are your thoughts on the new monsters? Have your say here!

    With Dice Ma…

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  • CodzillaEU

    I was wondering if i was the only person that refills wings atleast 2-3x a day but doesnt use it to push arena rank.

    Situation i usualy run a farming defence in high c1 or c2 and i use my refills to farm glory points (50 per refill) this way i have succesfully almost maxed my speed tower(lv9) and my other towers are also fairly high.

    so back to te question do you guys refill wings midweek or just on rush ur never, and why.

    im interested to hear what your reasoning is as chat often declares me crazy for refilling out of rush.

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  • Sraverine

    I know it's not much of an achievement but just sharing. After (almost?) 1 year of playing the game, finally! The feels. . .

    Credits to Zaiross who I got 12 days ago, and Chloe who I got 3 days after getting Zaiross. They're the missing pieces for my AO. Currently mostly using Zaiross (L), Chloe, Unawakened lvl 35 Quebehsxczsadassadw, and Lushen, then varies depending on the enemy team.

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  • Beboper

    November 24 Newsletter

    November 24, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner (if you’re American at least). That means turkey dinner (or whatever dinner you eat during this time of the year) and spending time with family (both the ones you love and sometimes the ones you hate). This election cycle has surely taken a toll on people, and more than likely strained some familial connections in the process. Regardless, this is a day to be thankful for what we have, and I’m sure we can all agree that we’re thankful for the existence of Summoners War! After all, where else are you supposed to spend your hard earned thousands of dollars? Surely not on food.

    On a related note, if your relatives ask you why you had no money for turkey this year, be sure to introduce them to Sum…

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  • Beboper

    November 16 Newsletter

    November 16, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Some of you may have heard about some of the G3 players in Global who are apparently quitting (Omgbomber, Reafi, etc). Some may be tempted to think that the game is dying (a bunch of the G3 players have been saying as much), but I’m sure anyone who has a decent pulse on the game knows this is simply not true, especially if you talk with people in the lower ranks of arena. After all, G3 players represent less than 1% of the player base, and the majority of players play the game casually anyway.

    Is the game perfect? Definitely not. There is a lot of room to improve, but Com2uS has shown a willingness to listen to players when tweaking things, as well as a commitment to adding new content over time. The game will continue to get bett…

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  • Beboper

    November 10 Newsletter

    November 10, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Welcome to another SW Wiki newsletter, post US election edition! I’m sure many Americans woke up surprised (or ecstatic) upon discovering who their new President is. Me, well I’m Canadian so I can only look at this with the same curious fascination that Americans must have about other countries.

    We don’t usually bring up politics on this site, so all I will say is regardless of who you supported, just know that at the end of the day, you’ll all end up having to live and work together still (especially if you’re in the same household), so let bygones be bygones and look towards the future. Because really, the sun will still rise and set like always, and it’s not like one person can completely singlehandedly destroy a nation (unless…

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  • MM Dryst

    How fast is your fastest?

    November 10, 2016 by MM Dryst

    Speed nuke comps are fun. For players too lazy to do Arena like myself, having a nice 5-second wipeout of the other team certainly makes it feel less like a chore, especially when you prefer auto-ing through it.

    But the problem with that is if the other guy is faster, you have a very good chance of being on the receiving end of...unwanted coitus.

    I'm talking about the Bernards, the Orions, the Kabillas, the Purians of the world. You know that list: the always-speedy ATB-boosting mfers that potentially screw things over for you and your supposed quick win.

    Now, just out of curiosity, and maybe give the community a snapshot of what the speed game looks like in different stages, I'd like folks to name their fastest unit, how much speed it has (e…

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  • Beboper

    November 2 Newsletter

    November 2, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Halloween has come and gone. Hoped you enjoyed it while it lasted (whether outside or in-game). I’ll miss having free transmogs for a day, but all it really did was remind me how much of waste of money it would be if I bought every transmog. If only they would release a dragon transmog, I would definitely buy it in a heartbeat. But I guess these days, the only transmogs that make money are the ones with lots of exposed flesh (a trend noticeable in Halloween costumes as well).

    The latest patch rolled out last week, and with it a whole host of changes to monsters! Did your favorite monster get buffed? Find out by reading the patch notes!

    This week, I'm interested to know which previous Hall of Heroes monster has helped you the most t…

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  • Beboper

    October 25 Newsletter

    October 25, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    I’m just going to cut the chitchat, since I honestly can’t think of anything witty or interesting to say, and you’re all probably more interested in the stuff below.

    It took a while, but everyone’s anticipated balance patch is arriving! Did Rakan finally receive the buff to make him not worthless (your words not mine)? Perhaps another of your storage monsters finally got the recognition they deserved. Found out here!

    For this week’s discussion, I want to know your thoughts on the upcoming balance patch. Love it? Hate it? Have your say here.

    Is your phone/tablet running out space faster than usual? PlanetIndigo has the solution for you! All it takes is deleting one annoying large file! But which one? See PlanetIndigo’s reddit post fo…

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  • Kauhentus

    So, I have a couple things I need to do but don't know what order to do them in!

    Here is a list of things I need to do:

    • Fuse Veromos (just need to grind up 500k mana and awaken water undine)
    • Awaken Veromos
    • Decide who to 6* (as a rep) Shimitae, Arang, Ran, Lucas, Su, Mara, Korona, Tesarion, or Baretta
    • 6* them
    • Decide who 6* that would help me with giants/dragons 10 Bernard, Shannon, Kona, or Veromos (after I fuse him)
    • 6* them
    • Build Mav & Megan for giants/dragons/toa
    • 5* Colleen, wind & dark lich, and fire ninetails
    • Awaken wind & dark lich, and fire ninetails

    What order should I do them in? Are some of the steps unessecary? Feel free to post comments below about this!

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  • MM Dryst

    As of today, I've been playing Summoners War for a year now. While there have been days lately that I'm too lazy to do anything other than auto-farm runes, there have been stretches when I played like it's the only thing that mattered. If you're here reading this, you probably got to that point as well.

    So how bad did the SW bug bite you? As for me...

    You know you're hooked when... know you didn't get enough sleep 'cause your Energy still wasn't full when you woke up.

    ...and yes, your Energy is never full. forget "Sunday" and "Monday" and just know them as "Light Day" and "Dark Day." forgot to feed your dog because you pulled a Nat5.

    ...there were times I actually looked forward to the free monthly L&D scroll more than payday…

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  • Beboper

    October 20 Newsletter

    October 20, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes the costumes and the candy! While we’re on the subject, if any of you would like to share anything that’s both Summoners War and Halloween related, or know someone else who has something to share, feel free to do so in the comments below! And yes, I’m running out of ideas for this segment, so do share if you have anything at all!

    Last week, Com2uS rolled out update 3.0.9 for SW. Changes included lowering the difficulty of the Rift Dungeon bosses, as well as new runes in the magic shop (as well as higher chance of higher grade runes). For additional changes, see the patch notes here!

    After much speculation and many complaints, Com2uS has finally made some important updates to Hive acc…

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  • Beboper

    October 12 Newsletter

    October 12, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Hope you guys are stoked for the Jack O’ Lantern Hall of Heroes this week! Seriously, how predictable is that, a Jack O’ Lantern Hall of Heroes in October. Either way, I hope some of you find this Hall of Heroes useful.

    This week, I want to know what monsters you think will get buffed in the upcoming balance patch (whenever that will be). Maybe Rakan will get enough buffs to finally be loved. Perhaps people will stop calling Juno useless. Or maybe they’ll randomly make water martial artist the most feared monster in the game. What do you think? Have your say here.

    Having trouble farming those elemental and magic crystals to get that Homunculus? Ikarbb put together a handy pdf guide just for you (well, not just you but you know what…

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  • PremiumZombie

    Hey guys i got a great offer for some of u it seems that some of our members stopped paying but since we need people in the guild for guild battle im requiting new members i will interview new people just leave a coment below that u want to join and i will get back at u warning we are a GLOBAL G1 guild. so we need people who can keep up i dont car how many 6 stars you have i just care of how well runed ur units are and if you can compete all i hope is u have atleast 2 6 * nukers and thats about it plz feel free to try out. once i figure out who will join i will give guild name out and we need atleast 6 so there is a couple spots open. ty 

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  • Coldsniper8

    Spooky awaits!

    October 11, 2016 by Coldsniper8

    Howdy folks! Hall of heroes is almost here! What do you think it will be? (Probably fire jack olantern). I say that because in a few weeks it's Halloween!

    Despite the past years com2us is likely (Not Confirmed) will probably be dark and light silver stars sds! Who knows maybe some new monsters what would you like?

    And some off topic thing: Halloween purge? Rumors have it a Halloween purge! I doubt it though

    But in the mean time what events can happen? And don't forget RTA will be ending its service (Beta will come back) in the next update!

    In the mean time bye :D

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  • Kauhentus

    Recently, I pulled my first natural 5 star monster. I have waited 1 1/2 years for this and I dunno how to feel about the pull.

    I got Vanessa, which I looked over the skills and she looks pretty good..... for late game, not the stage I am at. 

    I already have two fire attacks Hwa and Hwahee both 6 starred so I don't need another fire attacker. 

    I am severely disappointed in her 3rd skill, because Michelle is only natural 3 star and has a VERY similar skill to Vanessa's.

    I do think Vanessa's leader skill is awesome, but other than that, I think she is pretty much useless to me. Am I underlooking Vanessa's abilities or is she just not that great of a natural 5 star. Please comment about what you think of her and maybe any recommendations for the u…

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  • Beboper

    October 5 Newsletter

    October 5, 2016 by Beboper

    Hey folks!

    Free Rune Removal is once again upon us. I know some of you thought it was last Saturday, but remember, it gets moved one week later if the first day of the month is a Saturday itself. Funny rules, but what can you do. The point is, it’s here (almost)!

    This week, I want to know how into Summoners War you are right now. Perhaps you’re knee deep in, spending 20 hours a day on it. Or perhaps you’re a more of a casual player. Or maybe you’re thinking of quitting (or already have). Have your say in this thread.

    It’s almost Saturday, which means free rune removal. Some of you may be looking for tips to maximize your time (after all, it’s only one day a month). RevelRain has just that right here. Hurry up and check it out before Saturday …

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