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​ The Battle Map details all the explorable areas available to battle in in Summoners War: Sky Arena. This includes all scenario areas, as well as the various dungeons, Arena, Trial of Ascension, and Isle of Conquest.

Scenario areasEdit

Main article: Scenario

The main story of Summoners War consists of thirteen different areas, with each consisting of seven stages. To complete an area and advance to the next, players must clear all seven stages of an area, which includes a boss stage. Additionally, each stage is divided into three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Hell. To advance to higher difficulties, players must finish all stages on one difficulty. This means that all Normal difficulty stages must be finished to advance to Hard and so on. Only normal difficulty is required to advance to the next area.

Clearing a stage awards the players with various rewards, such as experience, Runes, and Monsters. The higher the difficulty of completion, the higher the rewards.


Main article: Arena

The arena is a Player versus player (PVP) competition area where players will use their monsters to battle against other players. Battles are one-on-one, with each player allowed up to four monsters in battle. Winning battles will award players with experience, mana stones, and occasionally crystals. Additionally, Arena Points (Victory Points) and Glory Points are awarded to winning battles.

Arena Points are used to determine weekly rankings, with prizes given out based on how high a player ranks. Glory Points act as a form of currency, and is used to purchase items from the Glory Shop.

In addition to other players, computer "Rivals" are also available to battle against. Defeating Rivals awards a player with a small amount of crystals. The monsters each Rival possesses is fixed, although the quality of their monsters is directly proportional to player level.

World ArenaEdit

Main article: World Arena

The World Arena, also known as Real-Time Arena, is a special variant of the regular arena. As its name suggests, whereas regular arena battles match up players based on geographic location with AI controlled defense monsters, World Arena battles match up players on all geographic servers, allowing battles to take place on a global scale. Additionally, battles are in fact real-time so both teams will be player controlled at all times.

World Arena battles have several unique rules compared with regular arena battles. Players cannot use duplicate monsters, nor can they use the same monsters as their opponent. Additionally, each player will take turns selecting their team, with players alternating their selections in small groups until both players have a team of five monsters. After selections are done, each player will have the opportunity to ban one monster on their opponent's side. This monster cannot be used in the battle.

Similar to regular arena, players will be awarded Victory Points for each battle won, as well be deducted points for a loss. Players will be ranked on a seasonal basis (with each season lasting approximately three months) based on the amount of Victory Points accumulated. Additionally, players will also be awarded Medals for each victory, which can be used to purchase from the World Arena Shop.

Cairos DungeonEdit

Main article: Cairos Dungeon

Cairos Dungeon, also known simply as the Dungeon, is where players battle to gain special rewards. This area is divided into several sections: the Hall of Elements, Hall of Magic, Giant's Keep, Dragon's Lair, Angel Garden, Rainbow Garden, and the Secret Dungeon. Not all of these sections are available at all times, with the Angel Garden, Rainbow Garden, and Devilmon Cave only available once a month, and the Secret Dungeon open by chance in the Halls of Elements and through events.

Trial of AscensionEdit

Main article: Trial of Ascension

The Trial of Ascension is a special dungeon made up of 100 stages. Players are required to battle against various monsters to progress. As players progress through each stage, the monsters encountered will get progressively more difficult. Every tenth stage requires players to battle against a boss in order to advance.

Besides experience, mana stones, summoning stones and occasionally energy and crystals, players are also awarded various prizes based on how many stages have been completed adasd

Isle of Conquest Edit

The Isle of Conquest is a special area that is used for Guild based content. It is located on the right side of Telain Forest. Only players in a guild will have the opportunity to access this area.

Guild BattleEdit

Main article: Guild Battle

Guild Battles are special Guild vs Guild PVP contests in which players must battle defensive teams set by another guild in order to win. Guild members are awarded for both attacking a guild successfully and defending against attacks from other guilds. Battles are done in one-on-one contests similar to Arena.

Siege BattleEdit

Main article: Siege Battle

Siege Battles are another type of Guild vs Guild contests in which players must battle defensive teams set by another guild in order to win. Unlike Guild Battles, Guilds will be both attacking and defending at the same time in three way battles. Points are awarded for successfully controlling towers on the battlefield for a given amount of time, with guilds being ranked in the battle based on points accrued.

Tartarus' LabyrinthEdit

Main article: Tartarus' Labyrinth

Tartaru's Labyrinth is a special kind of cooperative PVE area, in which players must team up with Guild members in order to take down special bosses. Players progress through the dungeon in stages, with each stage offering tougher boss fights until the final boss fight. Clearing the final boss unlocks another Labyrinth in which stages and boss fights are mixed up in different orders.

Dimensional Rifts Edit

Main article: Dimensional Rift

Dimensional Rifts are random portals that open up daily beside the Scenarios after all Scenario areas are completed. It requires a special crystal to enter and 3 crystals can be obtained everyday just by logging into the game and collecting the crystals in the Daily Mission, Start of the Day.

There are 2 modes available: Normal (20 Energy) and Hard (30 Energy).

Each of them have 5 waves of monsters and upon clearing them, a large amount of energy and experience is awarded.

World BossEdit

Main article: World Boss

The World Boss is a server wide boss which players can battle with using a team of 20 monsters. The boss requires the cooperation of everyone on a server to take it down, with each player wearing down fractions of its total health. Players are given rewards and ranked based on how much damage is inflicted on the boss, both after the boss battle and after the boss is taken down. The World Boss is only available after a Dimensional Rift is closed for the first time.

Rift of WorldsEdit

Main article: Rift of Worlds

The Rift of Worlds is a special area where players can participate in Raid battles against a large boss. Players may take with them up to 2 additional players in Raid battles for a total party of 3. Parties may be organized privately or through public rooms. Once in battle, players all fight simultaneously against the boss, with each player attacking a specific portion of the boss. If players are successful in defeating it, rewards are given out based on damage contribution in the battle. The Rift of Worlds is available after players fight the World Boss for the first time.

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