Monster Property and Property Correlation[edit | edit source]

Attribute advantage and disadvantage

Players' Monsters can possess one of 5 Properties: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, or Dark. (NPC monsters may also be of the Pure element, which is neutral to everything.)

These Properties have a correlation of strength and weakness. Water > Fire > Wind > Water. Light and Darkness are strong against each other.

Battle indicator.PNG

During battle, you can check the Property Correlation by checking the color of the arrow.

Green indicates you have an advantage, red indicates you have a disadvantage, and yellow means neither you nor your opponent have the upper hand.

Note that Ifrit (Water) - Theomars has a passive that guarantees attribute advantage over any monster.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When attacking with attribute advantage, the attacker gets extra 15% critical hit chance. Also, the attacker gets extra xx% crushing hit chance.

When attacking with disadvantage, the attacker gets extra 50% glancing hit chance. Also, the attacker's critical hit chance is reduced by 15%.

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