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The Arena is where players engage in PVP (player vs player) battles with one another as well as with NPC (Rivals with their monsters). Each battle costs one Arena Invitation (Arena Invitations). In Arena battles, each player will have a team of four monsters, with the winner being the one that defeats all of the opponent's monsters. Winning a battle offers players various rewards, such as Glory Points, Mana Stones, Energy, Experience, and sometimes Crystals.

In addition, players also receive rewards based on weekly rankings, which are determined by the amount of Arena Points accumulated from winning battles. By winning consecutive battles, temporary stat bonuses are awarded to the player's monsters.


In ancient times, various summoners were engaged in never ending wars. Before these wars destroyed the world, a system was created where summoners participated in arena matches. Through the Arena, the world was spared destruction as the summoners kept each other in check.


Matches in the Arena follow basic gameplay mechanics similar to battles in the Scenario and Dungeons, with each battle costing players one Arena Invitation. Players compete using teams of four each, with the winner being the one who defeats all of the opposing player's monsters. Arena battles are not live however; the defending player's monsters are controlled by the game's AI. Players may choose which four monsters to place on defense for use by the AI by using the Summoner's Tower. Defending against an attack will not cost any arena invitations.

In addition, players on defense have access to Arcane Towers, which automatically deal defense ignoring damage to all of the attacking player's monsters. Arcane Towers have low attack speed, and so attack infrequently, although as the match progresses, the towers begin to speed up the rate of attack. Players may build up to ten towers, with each tower contributing 300 damage.

Players have the option of calling a draw if a match becomes overly long.

Occasionally, a match may end with neither player winning. If an excessive amount of turns pass by, the attacking player has the option of calling a draw. Neither players will lose any Arena or Glory Points.

Players will automatically be matched up against a list of 10 players based on ranking. Some of the players will be similarly ranked, while others will be over-ranked and under-ranked. Winning against all 10 players on a match-up list will award the player two additional Arena Invitations, with the match-up list also being refreshed. Any winning streak buffs will carry over to the new list. Additionally, players also have the opportunity to get a revenge attack against other players who beat their defense team.

Consecutive wins[]

Players who win consecutively gain temporary bonus stats. These buffs will disappear if players lose a match, tie a match, reset or refresh a match list, or when the buffs expire in an hour. The buffs for each streak is collective (ie. they stack).

The following are the buffs for win streaks:

  • 2-Winning Streak - HP +5% Bonus
  • 4-Winning Streak - ATK +5% Bonus
  • 6-Winning Streak - HP +5% Bonus
  • 8-Winning Streak - ATK +5%Bonus
  • 10-Winning Streak - HP +10% Bonus ATK +10% Bonus
  • Buff max (10 Winning Streak) - HP +20%, ATK +20%

Arena Points[]

Arena Points (or Victory Points as they are also known) determine weekly rankings in the Arena, and are gained from winning matches. The amount gained from each battle is determined by the ranking of the opponent, with higher ranked opponents awarding more points, and lower ranked players awarding less. Losing against a player's defense will result Arena Points being deducted, depending on the rank of the defending player. Point deductions happen inversely to wins, meaning that losing against lower ranked players will result in larger point deductions while losing against higher ranked players will result in lower deductions. Arena Points are reset to 1,000 every two weeks, usually at the end of the second Sunday.

Glory Points[]

In addition to Arena Points, players are awarded Glory Points with each battle won. The amount of Glory Points given will depend on the player's rank. Each Ranking Grade will award a set amount of Glory Points for each victory, regardless of rank differences between players. Successfully defending against an attack will not award any Glory Points.

Glory Points can be used to purchase prizes from the Glory Shop.


Main article: Rival

In addition to facing off against AI controlled player teams, players may also choose to fight against AI controlled NPCs, who will have a set team on defense. Each NPC will have a cooldown period, during which players may not battle with that particular NPC again until the cooldown time has ended. Players will be awarded a small amount of guaranteed crystals for each NPC beaten, in addition to Glory Points. Beating a Rival will not award any Arena Points however.


Depending on the Arena Points and overall rank, players are put into various leagues, called Grades. There are currently 14 Grades, as shown in the following table:

Grade name Arena Points Rank condition Glory Points/win Glory Points
Arena beginner.png
Beginner 0 - 2
Arena challenger 1.png
Challenger I 900 - 3
Arena challenger 2.png
Challenger II 950 -
Arena challenger 3.png
Challenger III 1000 -
Arena fighter 1.png
Fighter I 1100 - 4
Arena fighter 2.png
Fighter II 1200 -
Arena fighter 3..png
Fighter III 1300 -
Arena conqueror 1.png
Conqueror I 1500 Rank 10000 5
Arena conqueror 2.png
Conqueror II Rank 3000
Arena conqueror 3.png
Conqueror III Rank 1000
Arena guardian 1.png
Guardian I 1700 Rank 300
Arena guardian 2.png
Guardian II Rank 100
Arena guardian 3.png
Guardian III Rank 30
Arena legend.png
Legend 1700 Rank 1

Weekly rewards[]

At the end of every week, results will be tallied for an hour starting at Sunday 10pm to 11pm. Players will be rewarded with various prizes based on their Grade. As of v5.3.4, league rewards have been added, which vary from 50 to 150 glory points depending on your position at the end of the week. The following table shows the benefits and rewards of each Grade:

Grade Monster Crystal Crystal
Arena ranking beginner.png
Beginner - 5
Arena ranking challenger 1.png
Challenger I - 10
Arena ranking challenger 2.png
Challenger II - 20
Arena ranking challenger 3.png
Challenger III - 30
Arena ranking fighter 1.png
Fighter I - 50
Arena ranking fighter 2.png
Fighter II - 75
Arena ranking fighter 3.png
Fighter III - 100
Arena ranking conqueror 1.png
Conqueror I 2-Star
Light/Dark monster
Arena ranking conqueror 2.png
Conqueror II 200
Arena ranking conqueror 3.png
Conqueror III 250
Arena ranking guardian 1.png
Guardian I 3-Star
Light/Dark monster
Arena ranking guardian 2.png
Guardian II 400
Arena ranking guardian 3.png
Guardian III 500
Arena ranking legend.png
Legend 4-Star
Light/Dark monster
League placement Glory Points
1 150
2 125
3 100
4 - 10 80
11 - 

World Arena[]

Main article: World Arena

The World Arena, also known as Real-Time Arena, is a special variant of the regular arena. As its name suggests, whereas regular arena battles match up players based on geographic location with AI controlled defense monsters, World Arena battles match up players on all geographic servers, allowing battles to take place on a global scale. Additionally, battles are in fact real-time so both teams will be player controlled at all times.

World Arena battles have several unique rules compared with regular arena battles. Players cannot use duplicate monsters, nor can they use the same monsters as their opponent. Additionally, each player will take turns selecting their team, with players alternating their selections in small groups until both players have a team of five monsters. After selections are done, each player will have the opportunity to ban one monster on their opponent's side. This monster cannot be used in the battle.

Similar to regular arena, players will be awarded Victory Points for each battle won, as well be deducted points for a loss. Players will be ranked on a seasonal basis (with each season lasting approximately three months) based on the amount of Victory Points accumulated. Additionally, players will also be awarded Medals for each victory, which can be used to purchase from the World Arena Shop.

In other language[]

English Arena
Korean 아레나
Japanese アリーナ
Traditional Chinese競技場
Simplified Chinese 竞技场
French Arène
German Arena
Russian Арена
Portuguese Arena
Spanish Arena
Indonesian Arena
Malay Arena
Vietnamese Đấu Trường
Thai อารีน่า