Angelmon are a special Material Type monsters which serve no value in battle, but instead serve purely as power-up material for other monsters. Most come in all the different elemental varieties of regular Monsters, often offering a larger power-up boost when powering up monsters of the same element. Additionally, Angelmon come in three forms: regular Angelmon, King Angelmon, and Super Angelmon. Angelmon can be powered up, but cannot be evolved.


Regular Angelmon give the least amount of experience, and come in all the different elements. They give a 50% boost to monsters of the same element type when awakened.

King AngelmonEdit

King Angelmon are a rarer form of Angelmon, giving twice the normal amount of experience. Like the lesser Angelmon, King Angelmon give a 50% experience boost when awakened and used to power-up a monster of the same element.

Super AngelmonEdit

Super Angelmon (Light) Icon
Super Angelmon are the rarest form of Angelmon, and when used will automatically power-up a monster to the maximum level, regardless of what the monster's current level and grade are. Unlike other Angelmon, Super Angelmon are automatically awakened.

Where to get Edit

  • The Angel Garden only opens during special events. They typically open for an hour at a time, three times a day, alternating elements, and can be run any number of times during that window.
  • Elemental Halls each have a chance to drop Angelmon of the corresponding element. For example, an Angelmon (Fire) can be found in Hall of Fire, water from the Hall of Water, etc.
  • The Glory Shop allows purchase of an Angelmon of random element once per day.
  • Some in-app purchases from the cash Shop also include Angelmon.
  • King Angelmon are sometimes received as a random reward from the following:
  • The Guild Shop allows the purchase of a Super Angelmon twice per month.

Angelmon XP TableEdit

The following table shows the XP provided by Angelmon of different levels and awakened status. They do not follow the usual table from the Power-Up Circle, because Angelmon are special and give more XP.

In order to get the most from their Angelmon, it is highly recommended that players level up their Angelmon to max level (15), awaken them, and feed them to monsters of the same element.

Since material type monsters cannot enter combat, leveling up an Angelmon can be accomplished either using experience buildings, or by feeding 1-star monsters to the Angelmon, or both.

Angelmon Level XP normal XP normal awakened XP King XP King awakened Super
15 19,359 29,040 38,718 58,080 MAX

As usual when powering up a monster, there is a 20% chance to get lightning, which gives extra 50% XP from that group of fodder.

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