GENERAL GUIDELINES Be polite -At the wiki, we encourage free and open discussion of any topics relevant to this site. However, remember that the online community involves real people. Under no circumstances are personal attacks or threats allowed in any form of any kind. Remember, you are allowed to disagree with someone, but that doesn't entitle you to insult them. Be friendly -Wikis are open to edit for anyone of any skill level. If you feel that a member has made an improper edit, kindly leave a message on their wall, and let them know what can be improved! Being friendly can significantly affect the success and growth of the wiki. Keep things classy -Please keep in mind that this is a public website and such, is accessible to those of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, we ask all users to refrain from inappropriate or abusive language. The following is not tolerated: **Excessive swearing **Discriminatory language of any kind **Language which is explicitly sexual in nature Assume Good Faith -Always assume that users are acting with good intentions unless proven otherwise. Just because someone does something wrong, that does not mean that it was intentional. Open dialogue is always encouraged to help solve problems and settle disputes. Don't invite conflict -Please do not intentionally try to start or continue conflicts whenever possible. Excessively disruptive behavior may result in a block. -Discussion and problem solving are always encouraged. If an agreement can't be reached, agree to disagree and move on. -This includes feeding trolls. Simply ignore them, and move on. Replying only encourages their behavior. No solicitation -The point of this wiki was to create a database of information related to the game. As such, we would appreciate it if individuals NOT used the site as free advertising for anything unrelated to the game or site. -If you have a fan site related to the game, which you would like to share, please contact one of this site's administrators before hand. Fan site ads should not be posted directly in article pages, and any found will be deleted. Stay on topic -Please keep comments or discussions in their relevant pages. -Remember, if what you're discussing doesn't relate to the page it's on, it probably shouldn't be there. See our [ Forums] for general wiki or game discussions. Ensure legibility! -While perfect grammar is not expected, please try as much as possible to use complete sentences when posting messages or participating in chats, in order to ensure coherency and clarity. Abbreviations like "lol" and "lmao" are fine. Don't spam -Please keep comments constructive and helpful. Comments which are meaningless or random in nature will be considered spam, and will be deleted. The following are a few, but not all examples of what is considered spam. **Gibberish/nonsense **Referral messages ** Advertisements **Messages posted in unrelated pages Have fun! -The reason we are all here is because we all love the Summoners War. No matter what, always remember that so your experience here is as enjoyable as possible! CONSEQUENCES Any violation of the guidelines posted here can result in anything from a simple warning to a lifetime ban. Things that will normally result in bans can include: excessively rude behavior, spamming, harassment, or generally disruptive behavior. Normally, moderators will try to resolve issues with through dialogue and a simple deletion of offending posts. However, in more serious cases, offending users may be banned from posting on the wiki for any length of time. Bans will generally be issued in accordance with the wiki's own general blocking policy (found here: However bans are ultimately at the discretion of moderators. First time infractions will most often result in a warning, but repeated infractions can result in bans ranging from a week to a whole year (and even indefinitely in the most exceptional of cases). APPEALS If a person has been blocked from editing or banned from the live chats for a temporary amount of time, the following procedure should be followed. -The administrator who issued the block or ban should be contacted about the decision. In the event that no response is received after a few days, another administrator should be contacted about the block. -It is at discretion of the individual admin whether the block or ban will revoked. -To revoke a block, valid reasons for lifting it must be presented. These may include but is not limited to the following: -Block or ban was not carried out in good faith -A mistake or error was made in the block/ban -Extenuating circumstances The following will be considered when an appeal is made: -The circumstances around the block -Amount of time passed -Past history on the wiki -Activity and behavior on other wikis -Any attempts at block circumvention When appealing permanent blocks, the above procedure will be used. Additionally, any appeals of permanent blocks must be made after a period of at least six months. Should the admin consider revoking the block, a forum/discussion thread will be started regarding the user's status. This thread will remain open for at least two weeks. Any decision to remove permanent blocks must be arrived at by consensus from the wiki community.
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