{{Infobox monster |Name = Epikion Priest |Awakened name = Rina |Element = Water |Stars = 3G |Awakened stars = 4P |Type = Support |Obtained by = Unknown Scroll, Social Summon, Mystical Scroll, Mystical Summon, Water Scroll, Legendary Scroll

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{{SuggestedRuneBuilds |Build 1 name = Early tank |Build 1 tooltip = Energy and guard sets provide good early boosts to HP and defense, allowing a simple tank to be made early in the game. |Four-Set 1a = |Four-Set 1b = |Two-Set 1a = Energy |Two-Set 1b = Guard |Two-Set 1c = |Two-Set 1d = |Build 1 stats = Hp, Def |Useful for 1 = Beginner

|Build 2 name = General support |Build 2 tooltip = Swift runes combined with various 2-set runes allow for optimal speed, which is good for a variety of support roles for all stages of the game. |Four-Set 2a = Swift |Four-Set 2b = |Two-Set 2a = Will |Two-Set 2b = Energy |Two-Set 2c = Endure |Two-Set 2d = Shield |Build 2 stats = Spd, Hp, Res |Useful for 2 = All game

|Build 3 name = Violent supporter |Build 3 tooltip = Violent runes combined with a balanced setup allow for spamming support skills. Good for monsters with a support role. |Four-Set 3a = Violent |Four-Set 3b = |Two-Set 3a = Will |Two-Set 3b = Shield |Two-Set 3c = Endure |Two-Set 3d = Nemesis |Build 3 stats = Spd, Hp, Res |Useful for 3 = End game }}

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